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Kenya Trip Report

December 2006

Dear Friends,

We look back up at the year thats almost at its end, and we can say that only to God to be the glory and praise. By the grace of God, between December 9th and 18th myself Constantin Lupancu, Pavel Sav, and Adrian Greab from Golgotha Pentecostal Romanian Church, Pastor Aurel Balici from Ghetesmany Romanian Church, George Iremciuc from Emanuel Church, Robert Brown and William Ripple from the organization Chaplains for Christ International, went on a mission trip to minister to the people of Kenya.
Our primary mission objective in this country like all the other countries was to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in jails, prisons, and evangelistic crusades and to bring hope for the hopeless. Many people have been changed forever in this country and so many more are still waiting to hear the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18-19, NIV). Our team arrived Saturday night, December 9, 2006, in the Nairobi airport where we were welcomed by christian brothers from Nairobi local church. We split into two groups, to minister in different prisons, jails, and areas of Kenya.
Sunday, December 10, 2006 we began the ministry in Kenya, attending different churches. Brother George Iremciuc and Pavel Sav ministered in a church in the hotel, where a group of believers had rented a space in the hotel to worship God. Constantin Lupancu had the privilege to minister at the church where Rev. Kefa B. Moindi was the pastor, and delivered the message “Christians are called for holyness, God standard never change” (1 Peter 1:15,16). The other group ministered at the church called Church on Rock, and everyone from the group had a opportunity to speak.
Monday, December 11, 2006 my group went in the morning at Calvary Convenant Church in Nairobi where I hosted the first part of the seminar, “Ignite a passion for God and be on fire for God” with introduction evangelism in prison and jails. The first day about 90 people attended this seminar, and were provoked, motivated, and inspired for evangelism in one of the ignored area which were jails. In the afternoon the same day, all three of us ministered in Kiabu prison in Nairobi, where I had the privlege of preaching Jesus Christ as “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6), and five people got saved. The other group Rob, Adrian, Willie, and Aurel ministered to Getehuru Rehab School, where were children which where we distributed Bibles and soap to everyone. From there the group went to Jamuhuri Prison where we ministered to about 150 people and also distributed Bibles and soap.
Tuesday, December 12, 2006 I went by myself to Calvary Convenant Church in Nairobi for the second day seminar for Chaplaincy Training, where about 114 people attended and they recieved a certification of completion, and all dedicated their lifes to do evangelism with passion and fire in prisons, jails, and where they have the opportunties to spread the good news of salvation. Pavel, George, and Pastor Amos from “Acts of Compassion”, visited Kenyatta Hospital from Nairobi, where they were able to give gifts for about 250 patients and pray for them after bringing the message of hope. In the afternoon we visit and ministered in Langata Prison about two hours from Nairobi. This was the national Kenya holiday. When we arrived at Langata Prison, we were directed to the women prison departmant, where there were about 100 women, who were gathered together to hear the gospel of reconcilation. Ten women responded, and one was broken in heavy tears of repentance of the convicted work of the Holy Spirit. After we prayed for them to recieve Jesus as their Lord and Savior and sins were washed away by the blood of lamb and they were ensured of amenisty of forgiving of their sin, the director of the prison told us that today is a day when the a amenisty for those that have a lower degree sentence and have a thousand shinlings fee to pay. George, a evangelist from our group asked the director of the prison if anyone that came to recieve amenisty from sin through Jesus who paid the price for our wrong doing qualified for amenisty to be freed today from the prison, because he was willing to pay the fee. Four women who came recieve Jesus from the ten who responded to recieve Jesus amenisty qualfied for the second amenisty of that day, to be freed from the prison. George paid the fee and four women were freed, and one of them was the women who had broken into tears, when recieving Jesus. We call that a double amensity, one from punishment from God wrath and the other from traspassing the law of the country. The other group with Rob, Adrian, Aurel, and Willie traveled about a hour to the city Ruiru, and ministered to the prison training college, to about 1,500 students (including 400 muslims) from all over Kenya that were there to study and then to be assigned to work in one of the 96 prisons in Kenya. There were representatives from “Gideons Bible” and they gave a Bible to everyone. Here we met  Pastor Mabenga, who is a Chaplain at the college, and he made all the arrangements to minister. From there they went to Ruiru Government Prison, where they ministered to about 450 inmates and distributed Bibles and soap. From there the group traveled about four hours to Nyeri, where they saw many very poor families. At night the group accomadated in Nieri hotel.
Wensday, December 13, 2006 myself, Pavel, George, and Pastor Amos traveled about three hours to the city Machacos, where we visited Machacos Prison System, and ministered to about 330 inmates in the prison, where about 15 people got saved and we distributed Bibles to the inmates and staff. About 200 Bibles were purchased from Nairobi Bible store in English and Swahiil language, with the contribution from Golgotha Pentecostal Romanian Church, were distributed in Machacos Prison. The other group with Rob, Willie, Adrian, and Aurel ministered in Nyeri Prison. Here we ministered to about 1,5000 inmates that were brought in so they could listen to the word of God, some of them sentenced to life in prison, and many of them gave their life to Jesus Christ.  In the afternoon they traveled about three hours back to Nairobi, where they had dinner with Prisoners for Christ staff members, and the president Greg van Tobel.
Thursday, December 14, 2006 Constantin, Pavel, and George left about 6:00 from Nairobi to meet the other group at Cooperative College of Kenya, and from there the whole group traveled in a mini-van to Kijabe, where Rob had a friend doctor Kevin Shanon, a American missionary for Africa. Kijabe is one of the biggest mission stations in world and we got a glimpse of it. We had a tour in the mission station with the doctor, and then fellowship in his house.  From there Elisha Mugogo, a guide who served missionaries to meet their goals, drove us to Lake Nakuru National Park, where we had a Safari Tour in the jungle. We saw all kinds of wild animals living freely like Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Giraffes, Hyenas, and other animals. On the same day, Pastor Amos ministered in Nairobi Industrial Prison, to about 150 inmates. In the afternoon, the evangelistic crusades started in Nairobi, Embakusi Islamic area, with the title: Who believe our reports from Isiaha 53. A few people got saved.
Friday, December 15, 2006 In the morning we had another Safari tour in the jungle and we again saw the wild life. At about noon, we arrived in Kijabe, where Pastor Amos came with Peter Kamau Nganga, to pick us up and to drive to Nairobi, the three of us; Constantin, Pavel, and George. The other group remained in Kijabe and visited the Hospital from the city, and shared with the patients, and at night traveled back to Nairobi hotel. That night Constantin preached in the evangelistic crusade, in the city of Nairobi, the message “The Parable of the Lost Sheep” (Luke 15:11-32). Many people found themselves that they are lost and without hope and then they came to their senses to recieve Jesus and through him reconcilation with God the Father. The church that organized the crusade, had a team of counselors, who took the information of those who commited their life to Jesus Christ for a follow-up and discipleship and enrollment to a local church for new believers.
Saturday, December 16, 2006 Constantin, Pavel, and George prepared for the night of the evangelistic crusade. George preached a message of grace, “where sin abounds grace and mercy does much more about”. Many responded to the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and came to the alter to give their life to Jesus and asked for prayer. The team from the local church took their information for follow-up. Rob Brown from the other group hosted the prison training seminar at Church of Rock with a attendance of about 27 people that came to be provoked, motivated, and inspired for jail ministry and evangelism and recieved a certification of completion. Adrian, Willie, and Aurel went to buy groceries to share with the poor from the area. From the group that Constantin held the training seminar, four ministers responded with a big interest to do the evangelism in prison, hospitals, and crusades. There are: Rev. Generic K. Mainga, Rev. Sammy Ongondo, Rev. John Mutuaa, and Rev. Kefa B. Moindi. They came to meet Rev. Robert Brown, the founder of Chaplains for Christ International. Peter Kamau Nganga, who is a managing director of Pelly Properties and General Services, showed a interest for the ministry.
Sunday, December 17, 2006 myself, Constantin Lupancu, I visited one of the largest Pentecostal Church in the city of Nairobi, called Chrisco New life Church, pastored by Isaac Kiragu, where I was able to bring greetings and express my vision and purpose for this trip. Pavel and George ministered in another church called Nairobi Gospel Center where most of the followers of the believers were Police and Army Officers. At night we had the last evangelistic crusade in the area of Kwa Njenga Embakasi from Nairobi, where Pavel Sav had the message of salvation and was intrepreted from Romanian to English by George and from English to Swahili by another local minister. Even though so many translations but the message got to the hearts of the people with a good respond. The evangelistic crusade was closed by with a personal testimony about how God protected my life from danger, followed by a prayer to recieve Jesus the only way of salvation. Bibles and Tracts were distributed to the people. Rob Brown and the other group members attended church in the morning and in the afternoon distributed bags of groceries to the poor people; about 72 families.
Monday, December 18, 2006 the three of us from Nairobi hotel checked out and traveled to the other group from the Coopertive College of Kenya. From there the complete group of 7 missionaries went shopping and Rob and Constantin went to the Bible league to discuss with the director about the Philip project program of discipleship in Prison for the new believers. In the afternoon five of us went to visit Nairobi National Park. Constantin and Rob went to see Kenya Christian Lawyers, for to Incorportate Chaplains for Christ International for Africa. Members  for the board were proposed to be Rev. Moses W. Mabongha and others. At night we left to go back home.
We want thank God and all the people who organized and made this ministry possible to reach the unreached from prisons, jails, and to all volunteers who contributed to the great success of all the four nights of the evangelism crusades. We are very grateful for the partnership in the work of the Gospel, and your ongoing support with prayers make this possible. This is all the work of God, and we stand in awe. The needs are great and the work is hard, but there is no greater reward than seeing souls rescued and redeemed by the savior Jesus Christ, without His help we could not do anything. May you have a blessed, prosperious, and the year 2007 to bring you good tidings.

Romania 2006

Romania Trip Report

October 2006

Dear, brothers and sisters
What a privilege it was to travel recently to Romania.  God blessed this trip in a wonderful way.  A team made up of Constantine Lupancu and Pavel Sav from Golgotha church, Petru Cladovan-Betania, and Stephan Tohatan-Elim from the Chicago Romanian Pentecostal Community had the opportunity to witness the dedication of two churches and about sixteen homes.  Many  families lost their homes in the 2005 flood that swept away a total of 186 homes in the valley of Trotus near the city of Comanesti-Bacau. This project to help Romania after the six waves of floods that struck was put together by the leaders of the churches in the fall of the flood year. This was an opportunity to help the victims of the flood from the devastated areas. The money that the community raised was to help them  build four homes, and one church in the area of Comanesti-Bacau for a total of $125,000. In fact  they said that they could build five homes for five families, and two churches with that amount.
Another area that was devastated by a flood was in the village of Tudor Vladimirescu-Galati . The team delegated to that area decided to help the people with stoves, mattresses, and other goods that they lost to the flood, and the money used to purchase those items was about $50,000.
The first wave of floods that came throughout Romania in the spring of 2005 devastated the area of Banat which included the villages of Ionel, Otelec, Foeni, and Carpinis . There our community helped the victims with household goods and helped them to restore the church in the village Carpinis.
God sometimes uses natural catastrophes to test how we respond with love and charity to those in need. He  opens a door to evangelize them, and changes their destiny to heaven, impacting their lives forever. To God be the glory!
We arrived in Bucharest on October 5.  We were welcomed at the airport by pastor Costel Gramada,and evangelist Gicu Visan. They drove us to the home of brother Stephan Movila in the same city where we had lunch and fellowship. Before dawn Gicu Visan drove us to Birlad about 200 kilometers away where we stayed overnight in the church guest room. In the morning we met with local pastor Ilie Miron. With the love offering that we brought from the kind brothers from Chicago we met some needs of the poor families from these churches.
In the afternoon the same day Gicu drove us to the village Buda, where years ago I came with brother Bob Foulkner and Robert Brown, and we saw the work that brother Gicu has started in this very poor area. At that time we had met a very poor family with a child named Anna Maria who when she was  6  fell and had to have surgery.  The surgery was unsuccessful, and she became a crippled child. When  we visited this family in August 2002  brother Bob was moved with compassion that Jesus put in his heart and helped this family consistently with monthly support, and prayers.
When we arrived this time after four years we heard the testimony of Anna Maria’s mother, that the Lord had had mercy on her, and took her soul home from the suffering body. The mother has been prepared spiritually by Gods Holy Spirit in such a way that she was overwhelmed by God’s presence and special anointing in her difficult time. Even after the funeral of her little daughter the mother went to the doctor for a check up, and the doctor gave her a diagnosis of lung cancer.  Others would be  worried and depressed at such news, but when she heard it she acted like the doctor had given that diagnosis to somebody else. By Gods presence she could overcome, and even though she is still coping with critical health conditions she is not letting the sickness get her down. She believes that the God who gives her strength is much bigger than cancer.
Her husband Bob who accepted Jesus when Bob and Rob visited in 2002 still remembers that day, but he’s confessing that some bondage from the past has hold him  not to  follow Christ. We pray for him that God would free him, and he would become a follower of His Word. Bob realizes that God allows many trials in his family that he might get close to God, and sin no more.    We helped this family and other families from that area from the love offerings that Bob Faulkner has blessed them with, $500. They had prayed, and asked God for assistance for some months, and God has answered their prayer! A family with nine children were praying to receive help to re-roof their leaking home, and with grateful hearts they thanked God and those that helped them. Jesus cares deeply for hungry, fearful, poor, and disease-stricken people, and so must his followers.
Friday night we went to  Tudor Vladimirescu’s church for a night of evangelism. About 50 people came to hear the message of Jesus Christ as “the way, the truth, and the life”(John14:6). Three people responded, and asked us to pray for them to receive forgiveness of their sin, and to follow Christ. One was a veterinarian doctor from that village.Jesus is penetrating with his word to people from all kinds of life.
After the service pastor Mihai Dumitrscu and Stephan Maxim drove us to their home in the city Galati where we had fellowship, and stayed over night. Saturday October 7, we left early in the morning from Vaslui, and headed toward Comanesti-Bacau, where a lot of people have gotten together for the inauguration and dedication of a church and some new homes that were built for the families that lost their homes in the flood.
We arrived about noon in the city hall where the mayor and other officials and pastors Liviu Axinte, Gheorghe Primicheru, and others were waiting to start the service. Together we went to the place called Valea-Seaca where the homes and  church were built. In the sounds of Christian music to the glory of God the service started in the open air, on this beautiful sunny fall day. After the days of sorrow and sadness the joy has been restored to many families, and all the crowds composed of people from all walks of life have been deeply impressed and touched by God’s presence and the messages that were shared during that time.
What an opportunity God gave us using the devastation of a  flood to impact people for eternity with the love of Jesus Christ, and with his gospel. Even the chief police from the city testified that he was impressed and touched to tears by what was happening there. He said this was something real not an act. God’s Spirit moved and opened many hearts, and hungry souls were satisfied by God’s presence.
After the people received the title of the property we went to continue our joy, dedicating the church for the glory of God, and a place to evangelize and nourish the families that were relocated in this area. The church was overcrowded, and all the officials and police officers took their seats first to continue hearing the gospel being preached.        After the service was over, and the prayer for the dedication of the church,  one man raised his hand, and he asked for a prayer to dedicate his life to Jesus Christ. We did not have an altar call, because so many officials that came for the first time to an evangelical church, but God has His way regardless.
At night we traveled to another village called Toflea in the area of Galati. In this village most of the population are gypsies, but God has mercy on all human beings without making a difference. The history of this church is that, in about 1992 God changed the life of one man that was in prison in Germany. When he came home under the fire of God and passion for his fellow brothers he spread the gospel of salvation to others. Many from the village were touched by the testimony, and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the revival sprang up. Hundreds of souls committed their lives to Jesus Christ, and the church today numbers about 1300 baptized souls.
Next day, Sunday morning October 8, we had the privilege to minister in this church. In the afternoon we traveled back to the city of Comanesti where the second church was dedicated to the Lord in the village of Supan by the river Trotus. The people crowded into  this church where the gospel has been preached with power, and the Holy Spirit lifted up many souls that were distressed and discouraged, and scattered abroad over a year not having a church building. That day the restoration of their souls started. When the service was almost over a teenager raised his hand and confessed that he wanted to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. We prayed for him and all that heard the gospel, that they might dedicate their life to Jesus.
After the service we traveled to Piatra-Neamt, and stayed over in this beautiful city surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Monday morning the group divided, and went into different directions to continue the work of God in different areas. Pavel Sav went to Bistrita where he visited  “Onisim-center”, an after-care facility that helps inmates to be integrated into society, and grow in Christ. From there Pavel Sav went to Cluj,Zalau,and Timisoara, where he had the opportunity to preach the gospel in jails,  Popa Sapca-Timisoara, and the Correctional Institute for Juvenile Buzias. Peter Cladovan went to Arad and Caran-Sebes where he continued ministry.Steven Thohatan returned to Comanesti where he spent two nights, in evangelism.
I went into the area of Bucovina, and visited many families that were in deep need. One family that touched my heart was Sfichi Eleonora, a widow with 16 children in the village of Voitinel. Her husband had been the pastor in the village church, but he contracted cancer, and the Lord took him home. This family has been taught how to live by faith, and the Lord really supplied all their needs. The testimony of the mother touched our hearts with joy, and our eyes with tears when we heard how God has blessed the children from this family, especially the girls that got the right partners for their life.
Another family that we visited from the city Radauti had nine children whose parents passed away this summer in a tragic accident. The children range from 2 to 18 years old and are under the supervision of the local church. They lost both parents. They got so much comfort in this hard time  from God and lovely and godly people that surrounded and embraced them. They were not depressed or discouraged, but they understood that somehow it was God’s will to take their parents home. I was surprised to see everyone doing their homework, the oldest one working outside fixing a fence, the older sister preparing a meal for the family. Indeed, “pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this,  to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world”(James 1:27).
There is so much need materially and spiritually in Romania. Everywhere you turn you see crippled children, and older people living alone with no help. These are the most affected people, the sick and the old. Others just left the country and went to Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, and other countries, looking for work.
I had the opportunity in this to attend two funerals, one uncle Constantine Locovei passed away, and it was a traditional Orthodox liturgy with a lot of smoke from candlesticks, and a lot of rituals done by the Orthodox priest who misinterpreted the word of God . The other funeral was held on the same day, but it was conducted by the Pentecostal church, and I was able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only way of salvation, and to make a call for those that are not right with God to reconcile and to make sure that they are saved before it is too late.  When someone dies there is no other chance.
Wednesday, October 11, I attended the church at Falticeni where one young lady has accepted Jesus Christ. After the service we had fellowship and dinner at Iulian Calistru’s home. Thursday night I attended church in the village of Satu-mare where I was born. Friday I visited the area where there was another wave of floods this year in the village of Arbore and Lazlovat. Saturday I made arrangements to move my parents from Satu-Mare to Suceava to be closer to my sister where years ago we built a home. Sunday morning I drove with Daniel Ursulean to the Oniceni where we helped to build a church years ago. From there I went to another
Village, Boroaia, near the city of Falticeni, where I found a group of old brothers and sisters, and I brought a message of encouragement, telling them  not to give up the precious faith in Jesus Christ.         Last year together with Niculai Barsan we helped them to buy land with two homes on it to restore and to rebuild one church for this village where about 2,000 people live. They live in a lot of confusion brought on by Orthodox Church tradition.
In the afternoon we drove to the village Brodina,Straja,Vicov where we visited needy and sick people, and brought encouragement, and shared material help. On our way back to Suceava we stopped at the church in Radauti called “The light of the old path” or church number 4 of the city of Radauti. This church has been inaugurated and dedicated to the Lord a couple months ago, and I told them  to “keep the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”
Tuesday October 17, by train I traveled to Bucharest where I was welcomed by Remus Munteanu. We spent that night having dinner and fellowship with his family. Remus Munteanu is a Christian worker that was doing a ministry in Bucharest jail, and he is sponsored by brother Bob Faulkner. Other families from Urziceni Ialomita are sponsored by him as well. Remus and other families are expressing thankfulness and gratefulness for the acts of compassion done by a brother that they met one day in  August, 2002 and who  is consistently supporting them since then. They expressed their love and blessings to his family. God answered Remus Munteanu’s family’s prayer and others that prayed for him, and today they live in a spacious apartment, and they want to thank God and all the people that helped them.
Wednesday morning we left Bucharest, and flew to Chicago, and praised God Who led us and protected us and our family. These were not the only families we visited, but  these people were in situations that grabbed my heart and ripped it up, and I felt that I needed to put this in the report. Romania is one of the nations most in need spiritually and materially. If anything from this report touches your heart and the Lord seems to be directing you to do something about needs, contact me and we will talk about specifics,  and pray.
God bless you and touch your heart as you read this report, and I want to express thankfulness to those of you who prayed and supported this trip and helped those families financially, or in any other ways.


UK/IrelandTrip Report

August 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name, which is above every name, the name of our lord Jesus Christ. First of all, I want to thank God and all those that supported us with prayers during this two weeks mission trip to the United Kingdom and Northern,Southern Ireland. I Constantin Lupancu from Golgotha Pentecostal Romanian Church and John Tibu from Ghetesmane Pentecostal Romanian Church went with a burden in our hearts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and visit Romania Community in Western Europe. We are on the way to fulfill our vision that God put in our hearts years ago to connect a network prison ministry system to Chaplains for Christ international around the world. When we talk about God being a “missionary”  God, we think of One who is reaching out in mercy to all needy people,regardless of ethnic background. God’s underlying purpose in the Bible is to restore lost men and women to a right relationship with Himself. This relationship was lost through sin at the fall of man.
Both of us were welcomed in London by the pastor, Cornel Nistor on July 26, 2006 who also drove at his home in Kenton,London – United Kingdom.
July 27, Thurs – the ministry began in London. At night service both of us worship God and have minister in Romanian Church from London with a message from Exodus 3:1 – 4 “ignite the fire and be on fire for God”. We are so impressed to see hundreds of young people that came in London from Romania to earn a better living but at the same time they are on fire for God and we pray that God throughout them will set up a fire and a passion in this country where many natives lost the interest for churches and for God. England which today is called  United Kingdom years ago had many great missionary like David Livingstone, William Carey, Wesley, Whitefield and Spurgeon who fueled a desire to reach out to the lost around the world. Today Christianity in Great Britain or United Kingdom suffer a great lost of passion, enthusiasm and energy. It is in a serious decline.
July 28, Fri – we have visited Remar (rehabilitation of socially rejected people) United Kingdom from London which is  a nongovermental organization founded in 1982 in Victoria, Alava (Northern Spain), was born from a desire to help all kids of people on the margins of society. We met with Jose Ma. Jorge who is responsible for Remar in London city, and saw the work that he is doing in this part of the world.
July 29, Sat – I contacted different prison ministry like Daylight Christian Prison Trust a conservative evangelical prison ministry working in the fields of evangelism and teaching , individual support for offenders and help after release. I discussed with Gerard Chrispin, who is the responsible for this ministry in London, and unfortunately he could not get the permission from the goverment to have us minister in London prison systems. Other groups that we contacted HM Prison Service Chaplaincy, HMP Ashwell Prison Service and London College of Theology and discuss with Tony Obayori about establishing a European Prison Ministry Institute and having partnership with our organization  Chaplains for Christ International. I was very disapointed because of the coldness and lost of passion that this repersentative have for the ministry.
July 30, Sun – we divided and ministered in two churches from different communites. Constantin Lupancu traveled from London city to  Nottingham city about three hour drive. In Nottingham city, Remar (rehabilitation center) had a meeting with drug addicts that had come off the streets, out of prisons, prostitution and delinquency and have been helped in their spiritual, physical, psychial, professional and family restoration. At this meeting where I was invited to speak there were people from London city, Liverpool city, Sheffield city, and Nottingham city where Remar has restoration centers. At night, I returned back to London. At the same time John Tibu, has been used by God to minister in the morning service at one Romanian church from London and in the afternoon at another Romanian church.
July 31, Mon – in the morning, we visited London city and important historical monuments like Westminister Abbey, a very old building  over a thousand years old where kings and queens and important personality from England have been buried. Among the graves of Kings and Queens, we saw the place where David Livingstone was buried, a missionary who had heart for Africans  his heart was  buried in Africa where his desire was to save people, but his body was brought to England. At night, the same day we had a seminar with young Romanians that have a desire and heart for God and wants to be prepared to become evangelists and rich people from prisons and other areas where God may lead them. About 30 people came to this seminar and after completion we gave them a certificate.
Aug 1,Tues – early in the morning pastor, Cornel Nistor drove us to Leeds Castle, “the loveliest castle in the world” which has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence for 6 medieval queens, a palace of Henry VIll,and a retreat for powerful and influenced people. From there we drove to Canterbury Catherdral – the headquarter of the Anglican Communion throughout the world. We were welcomed to get inside of the beauty building which has been built during the late 6th century when the Romans built the city as a capital of the Saxon kingdom of Kent, and Augustine and his fellow missionaries based thier work on bring christianity back to England. At night on our way back to London we stopped at Dover which is a port at the North Sea and the English Channel.
Aug. 2, Wed – this day together with the pastor Cornel Nistru we tried to get into a prison in Chelmsford called HM Prison where there was about 600 juvinels and we were told that a few Romanians were held in that prison. We even persisted to get permission to visit some inmates, but we weren’t allowed because of the strict rules that United Kingdom has. In the afternoon we went to a hospital in London where we visited a young Romanian brother that is afflicted with leucemia and is in the hospital for a couple pf weeks. We pray for him and encourage him to trust in God.
Aug. 3, Thurs – early in the morning we flew from London to Belfast – Northern Ireland. In Beldfast we visited prison fellowship ministry where I talked with Robin Scott who is  responsible for the prison ministry in Northern Ireland. Christine Thompson who is the staff for this ministry presented to us the great work and accomplishment that God is doing to this country where the prison population increased and the chaplains and volunteers are taking the oppurtunities to win many souls to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many former prisoners have come to the centre for support and encouragement following their release. This is a motivation for aftercare programs vitual for this country and others where inmates need to folow up to get rooted and discipled in the christian faith. After the meeting we had a tour in the Belfast city where we were able to see many important sites from Irish history ,and also the place where Titanic ship was built and launched. At night John Hrisca  drove us from Belfast to Dublin – Southern Ireland.
Aug. 4, Fri – we were welcomed in Dublin city by David’s and Hristca’s families originally from Romania that immigrated years ago to this country for a better living. At night we ministered at a Romanian church called, ” The Mount of Zion” there were about 200  people that worshiped God. We have visited a Romanian teenager in a hospital in Dublin. We pray and encourage him.
Aug. 5, Sat – in the morning we had a tour in the beautiful capital of southern Ireland – Dublin. During our tour in the city I met with Sam Adams a former inmate who was saved in a prison of Belfast. Now being released from prison he is helding a street evanghlelism in the downtown of      Dublin where a lot of people hear the gospel of Jesus Christ that is preached by him or other believers from his team. We are saved by God to save other people. In the afternoon I had an oppourtunity to meet pastor Amos Ngagi a missionary originally from Kenya, Africa who is involved in the acts of compassion community, and service chaplains ministry in the Southern Ireland. I was very impressed by his testimony how God is using him and his ministry to restore and to save lives in Ireland. He was very interesting and set an affiliation with our organization Chaplains for Christ International, and also to set up another trip to have a prison training seminar with the workers in Ireland. He is interested to make the necessary arrangements to have a mission trip in Kenya city Nirobi and we have to pray about for God’s will.Saturday night I presented a seminar with the brothers and sisters that want to get involved in the ministry -” have a passion for God and for the lost souls”
Aug. 6, Sun – we like to be with people that are hungry for God. This morning we ministered and worshiped God in a Romanian church called “Mount of Zion” there was about 250 people. At night service we went to another church in Dublin called, “Betel” there was about 400 people  originally from Romania that came together to worship and have communion with Jesus’s sacrements (bread and wine.) We were used by God to minister from the word of God to the congregation and exorted them to seek holiness and to remind what Christ has done for us.
Aug. 7 Mon – early in the morning we flew from Dublin back to London where pastor Cornel Nistru picked us up from the airport and to the city where we had another tour and  we were able to view different historical monuments from Great Britain. In the afternoon we met and we had fellowship with friends from Romania that had settled in London.
Aug. 8 Tues. – early in the morning we flew back from London to Chicago and we thank God for protecting us and bringing us back home safely. Nor could we have  done or achieved anything whatsoever without the help of God who gave us the vision, the strength, and the love which overcomes every obstacle. All praise and glory to him.


Raport Misionar – India

Iunie 2006

Dragi prieteni,
Recent, Dumnezue m-a binecuvântat pe mine şi pe Pastorul Aurel Balici cu oportunitatea de a-L sluji într-o misiune de 2 săptămâni (28 iunie – 11 iulie, 2006) în diferite regiuni din India. Acolo, am descoperit o lume scufundată într-o confuzie şi într-un întuneric spiritual de nedescris. Însă în acelaşi timp, o lume însetată după un Mântuitor care să le poată aduce fericire şi pace în minte şi în suflet. Astfel, scopul nostru în India a fost de a duce mesajul nădejdii celor deznădăjduiţi, de a-i încuraja pe cei care deja erau convertiţi la creştinism şi de a-i motiva înspre lucrarea în penitenciare. Pentru aceste motive, am vizitat diferite orfelinate, leprozerii, biserici, ţinând seminarii de pregătire.  Prin acest articol intenţionez să mărturisec despre modul în care ne-a folosit Dumnezeu pentru a atinge vieţile oamenilor, precum şi despre modul în care vieţile noastre au fost atinse de cei pe care i-am întâlnit şi cu care am avut părtăşie în rugăciune şi în Cuvânt.
În primul rând, terbuie să spunem că am fost mişcaţi până la lacrimi în timpul vizitei la şcolile şi orfelinatele din India. Una dintre experienţele de neuitat a avut loc în data de 1 iulie, 2006, o sâmbătă, când ne-am oprit la un orfeliant din YYY, unul dintre marile oraşe industriale din sudul Indiei. Acolo, eu şi cu Pastorul Aurel Balici am rămas fără glas, în atinşi până în străfundul inimii, când sute de fete ne-au urat „Bun venit” întrîo aliniere perfectă, iar apoi L-au lăudat pe Domnul în limba lor. Directorul orfelinatului, împreună cu fiica fondatorului, sora ABC, ne-au făcur un tur de prezentare a clădirii construite în 1976.  După 2 ore de părtăşie şi predicarea Cuvântului, am plecat întăriţi de dedicarea pe care am văzut-o la acele fete orfane, precum şi la liderul lor care face o lucrare uimitoare în învăţarea Cuvântului lui Dumnezeu şi în pregătirea lor pentru viaţa socială prin învăţarea meseriei de croitor.
O experienţă similară a avut loc în data de 3 iulie, pe când ne aflam în faţa unei audienţe formate din 600 de copii perfect aliniaţi şi îmbrăcaţi la fel. A fost o binecuvântare pentru noi să şim că fiecare din acei copii avea privilegiul de a învăţa şi de a creşte într-un mediu creştin, într-o instituţie care aparţinea organizaţiei creştine ABC. Mesajul nostru pentru ei a fost de a continua să studieze pentru a-şi atinge scopurile înalte, însă să nu uite să nu se abată de pe cărările drepte ale singurului Dumnezeu adevărat.
Ba mai mult, pe când călătoream spre nord, înspre YYY, capitala statului XXX, am fost de-a dreptul smeriţi de întâlnirea cu două familii române de misionari extrem de dedicaţi. Ambele familii şi-au sacrificat şansa la o viaţă mai bună pentru a lucra ca misionari într-un oraş în care mulţi creştini au fost omorâţi în mod bestial de radicalii fanatici.  În acest oraş supra populat, în care întunericul spirutual apasă ca o ceaţă densă, aceste două familii tinere  şi-au dedicat viaţa pentru a-i învăţa pe copiii săraci să citească şi să scrie.  Alături de munca lor socială, ei se roagă şi speră ca aceşti copii să-L accepte pe Hristos ca Mântuitor – şi aceasta într-un stat în care se află doar 15 misionari creştini care mărturisesc celor 100 de milioane de închinători la idoli.
Alături de lucrarea nostră cu copii defavorizaţi din India, am ţinut şi seminarii cu studentţii care erau interesaţi în lucrarea din penitenciare. Fiecare dintre cei care au participat, a primit o diplomă de ansolvire care le dă dreptul să lucreze în acest domeniu. Primul seminar a avut loc în ziua de vineri, 30 iunie, la Colegiul Biblic din YYY. Prima jumătate a seminarului a fost condosă de Pastorul Balici care a vorbit deste post şi rugăciune, arătând rezultatele practice pe care umblarea noastră cu Dumnezeu ar trebui să le aibă. El a prezentat multe mărturii care vorbeau despre eficienţa, rezultatele şi beneficiile binecuvântărilor lui Dumnezeu. De asemenea, a vorbit puţin despre faptul că, dacă postul şi rugăciunea sunt utilizate într-un mod potrivit, Dumnezeu va aduce soluţia la fel cum a făcut-o în vremurile biblice. În a doua parte a seminarului din penitenciar am înmânat diplomele li ne-am bucurat când cei 30 de studenţi şi-au exprimat interesul în implicarea în lucrarea din penitenciare.
Următorul seminar, ţinut în oraşul YYY, la marginea regiunii YYY,  s-a desfăşurat într-o manieră asemănătoare, cu excepţia faptului că audienţa a fost formată din 49 de pastori care au răspuns chemării Pastorului ABC, venind din diferite părţi ale regiunii. La seminar, am încercat să echipăm şi să pregătim lideri pentru lucrarea în penitenciare. De asemenea, ne-am rugat ca prezenţa lui Dumnezeu şi a Duhului Său cel Sfânt să le umple vieţile în această călătorie misionară.
După trei zile de la data seminarului din YYY, am călătorit înspre YYY unde am ţinut un seminar de pregătire într-o staţiune. Această întâlnire a fost pregătită cu grijă de fratele ABC. În timpul acestei întâlniri am aflat că mulţi dintre pastorii şi lucrătorii creştini prezenţi acolo se convertiseră pe când erau închişi, auzind Evanghelia lui Isus Hristos predicată în cadrul lucrării din penitenciare. Decicarea şi angajamentul lor pentru lucrarea în penitenciare erau evidente chiar şi în modul în care ne-au primit, binecuvântându-L pe Dumnezeu că le-a răspuns rugăciunilor de a primi ajutor în organizarea acestei lucraări. Aproximativ 22 de fraţi au participat la această pregătire, dorind să primească inspiraţie în organizarea cât mai efficientă a lucrării din penitencuare. La acelaşi seminar au mai participat şi 8 evanghelişti care au fost dedicaţi şi numiţi, pentru prima oară, capelani în diferite închisori din regiunea YYY. Pastorul Aurel Balici s-a rugat ca Dumnezeu să-I umple cu Duhul Său cel Sfânt şi cu râvna necesară lucrării cu deţinuţii sau foştii deţinuţI şi familiile lor. După ce am împărţI diplomele, Pastorul Aurel Balici i-a provocat să ceară ungerea lui DUmnezeu, putere de conducere, fiindcă nu diplomele erau cheia transformării inimilor lor, căci doar lucrarea Duhul lui Dumnezeu în noi are puterea de a schimba vieţile pentru totdeauna.
Pe lângă aceste seminarii, am fost implicaţi şi în vizitarea diferileor biserici, locuri în care am simţit mâna lui Dumnezeu la lucru. Printre bisericile în care prezenţa lui Dumnezeu ne-a atins vieţile, se alfă şi Biserica YYY, al cărei pastor senior este Rev. ABC.  Mesajele intitulate ,,Bucură-te întotdeauna în Domnul” şi ,,Dumnezeul nostru este un Dumnezeu viu” a cercetat inimile celor 400 de oameni prezenţi pentru a asculta Cuvantul Lui. Mulţi au venit în faţă pentru a ne ruga pentru ei.  De asemenea, am vizitat şi singura biserică penticostală locală din orşul Patna, care are aproximativ 70 de membri. Amândoi am avut ocazia să predictăm în această biserică şi să proclamăm mesajul mântuirii şi al încurajării în implinirea trimiterii pe care Hristos ne-a dat-o şi pe care trebuie s-o facem indiferent de prigoniri sau de încercări.
Totuşi, în mijlocul bucuriei şi al fericirii pe care am simţit-o la acea seară de părtăşie şi rugăciune cu fraţii şi surorile noastre în Hristos, am fost foarte întristaţi de lumea care îi înconjura şi care era pierdută în confuzie şi în închinarea la idoli. De exemplu, când am plecat din Coimbatore să visităm câteva temple hinduse, am fost şocaţi  de întunericul spiritual în care trăiau acei oameni, care se închinau la tot felul de creature, precum copaci, animale, pietre etc. Doctrina lor hindusă pretinde că la după cum nu poţi separa razele soarelui de soare, tot aşa nu Îl poţi separa pe Dumnezeu, Creatorul, de lucrurile pe care El le-a creat. Greşeala pe care o face această doctrină este evidentă în Biblie, care condamnă ,,oamenii care se închină la lucrurile create în loc de a se închina la Creator, Dumnezeul care îi binecuvântează veşnic.”
O altă privelişte care ne-a tulburat inima a fost aceea a Râului Gange care este recunoscut de hinduşi ca fiind ,,Râul Sfânt”. Legenda hindusă îi învaţă pe oameni că acea apă izvorăşte din capul lui Shiva, dumnezeu cel mai respectat. Oamenii, în orbirea şi întunecimea în care se află, cred că, aducând jertfe acestui râu, vor primi binecuvântarea lui Dumnezeu. Mai tulburător este faptul că ei sacrifică până şi veţi omeneşti acestui râu, în special tinere fete care se nasc nedorite în familiile hinduse.
Datorită tragediilor pe care le-am văzut în cele 2 săptămâni de călătorie prin India, atât eu, cât şi Pastorul Aurel Balici am plecat din Aeroport în ziua de 11 iulie, 2006, mulţumind Domnului pentru binecuvântarea de a fi fost născuţi într-o ţară creştină precum România şi pentru că aveam oportunitatea de a trăit într-o ţară care promovează libertatea religioasă, precum America. Recunoştinţa noastră faţă de Dumnezeu s-a mărit când am aflat despre atacul fanaticilor islamici asupra oraşului Bombei, atac care a avut loc imediat după sosirea noastră în Chicago. Eu am mulţumit lui Dumnezeu că m-a salvat de 2 ori de la moarte, dându-mi şi mai multe motive pentru a-L sluji pe El şi pe aceia care doresc prezenţa Sa binecuvântată în fiecare zi.
Într-adevăr, această călătorie nu ar fi fost posibilă fără călăuzitea şi protectţa Sa de-a lungul celor 19.000 de km pe care i-am făcut, călătorind în diferite locuri din inima Indiei. În acelaşi timp, această călătorie n-ar fi fost atât de efficientă dacă nu ar fi fost toţi  aceia care ne-au ajutat pe parcursul ei. Astfel, a’ vrea să-mi exprim recunoştinţa faţă de fraţii ABC şi YYY care ne-au aşteptat la aeroport şi ne-au dus în diferite locuri. În al doilea rând, aş vrea să mulţumesc lui Rev. Ilie Tomuţa de la Biserica Penticostală Philadelphia din Chicago, fiindcă m-a motivat să fac această călătorie şi fiindcă ne-a însoţit în ea. De asemenea, aş vrea să mulţumesc misionarilor români, fiindcă sunt mărturii vii ai credinţei şi ai persistenţei într-o lume pierdută. În ultimul rând, aş vrea să încurajez pe fiecare din voi care a citit acest articol să se roage pentru lucrarea misionară din India şi pentru ca Dumnezeu să deschidă uşi, astfel încât tot mai mulţi oameni să fie mântuiţI din braţele stricate ale religiei hinduse.

Constantin Lupancu


India Trip Report

June 2006

Dear Friends,

Recently God has blessed me and Pastor Aurel Balici to serve Him for two weeks (June 28 – July 11, 2006) in different regions of India. There we have discovered a world of extreme spiritual darkness and confusion, but at the same time a world thirsting for a Savior that can bring them happiness and peace of mind and soul.  Thus, our purpose in India was to bring a message of hope to the hopeless, to encourage those who have embraced the Christian way of life, and to motivate them for jail ministry.  For these reasons, we visited different orphanages, leprosy colonies, churches, and held training seminars.  With this article, I intend to communicate how God used us to touch people’s lives and how our lives have been touched by those we met and had fellowship in prayer and in the sharing of scriptures.
Foremost, our hearts were moved to tears as we visited the schools and orphanages of India.   One of those unforgettable experience happened on Saturday July 1, 2006 when we stopped at a children’s orphanage in the city of Coimbatore, one of the major industrial cities in South India.   There, I and Pastor Aurel Balici found ourselves speechless, but deeply touched as hundredths of young girls welcomed us in perfectly straight rows and they praised God in their native tongue.  The director of this orphanage and the founder’s daughter, Sister ABC, gave us a tour of this complex built in 19XX.  After two hours of fellowship and preaching words of encouragement, we left the place strengthened by the commitment we witnessed from these orphaned girls as well as from their leader who does an amazing work at teaching the word of God and training them to contribute to the society with their sewing skills.   A similar experience occurred on July 3rd as we stood in front of an audience of about 600 children aligned perfectly and dressed alike.  It was a blessing to us to know that each one of these children is privileged to learn and grow in a Christian environment and in a facility provided by ABC Ministries.  Our message to them was to continue studying and achieving high goals, but most important to keep the ways of the real and only God.
Moreover, as we traveled north to Patna, the capital of Bihar State, we were deeply humbled to meet two dedicated missionary families from Romania.  Both of these families sacrificed their chance for a better life in order to work as missionaries in a city where many Christians have been cruelly murdered by radical fanatics.  In this heavily populated city where the spiritual darkness hangs over it like a dense fog, these two young families dedicate their lives to teach poor children the alphabet and how to read and write.  Along with their social work, they hope and pray that these children will accept Christ as their Savior in a state where currently only 15 Christian missionaries stand as true testimonies among 100 million of people worshipping other gods.
Along with our ministry to the underprivileged children of India, we held seminars with students interested in jail ministry and each one of them who participated were given a certificate of completion that will enable them to work in this field.  First seminar occurred on Friday, June 30th, at Bible College located in ABC. The first half of the seminar was led by Pastor Balici who approached the topic of “Fasting and Prayer” with practical results in our Christian life walking with God. He brought many testimonies of effectiveness, results, and benefits of God’s blessings. He also touched upon the fact that if fasting and prayer is done properly, God will provide the solution just as He has done in biblical times. The second part I held a prison seminary, handed their certificates, and rejoiced when 30 students showed interest in jail ministry. Next seminar held in the town of ABC, on the outskirts of ABC, developed in a similar fashion with the exception that the audience were 49 pastors who answered Pastor ABC’s call and gathered here from different parts of the region.  At the seminar, we equipped and trained leaders for the jail ministry as well as prayed for God’s presence and His Holy Spirit to fill their lives and ministry journey.
Three days after our seminar in ABC, we traveled to ABC and we held our prison training seminar in the resort.  This meeting was gracefully arranged by Brother ABC and we soon learned that some of the pastors and Christian workers present at this seminar became believers after hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ while doing jail time.  Their dedication and commitment for jail ministry was evident in the way they welcomed us and blessed the Lord who answered their prayer in sending us to help them get organized.  About 22 brothers came to this training seminar to get inspired and to do jail ministry in an organized and efficient way.  At this same seminar 8 evangelists were dedicated and appointed for the first time chaplains representing different jails in the region of ABC. Pastor Aurel Balici prayed for God to fill them with His spirit and with the passion necessary in ministering to inmates and former inmates and their families.  After we handed them the certificates, Pastor Aurel Balici motivated them to seek God’s anointing, leadership and power since certificates do not hold the key to transforming hearts, whereas God’s Spirit working in us has the power to change lives forever.
Besides the prison seminars, we also visited various churches where we felt God’s hands at work.  Among the churches where God’s presence touched lives was ABC Prayer & Healing Church whose senior pastor is Rev. ABC.  The message “Always rejoices in the Lord” and “Our God is a living God” stirred the hearts of the 400 people gathered to hear the word of God and many stepped and asked for prayer.  We also went to the local and only Pentecostal church in the city ABC. There were about 70 members. Both of us were able to minister to this church and bring a message of hope and encouragement to fulfill the commissions that Christ gave to them and to preach the good news despite persecutions and trials.
However, in the midst of the joy and happiness that we experienced in fellowship and prayer with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we were extremely saddened by a world surrounded by false gods and lost in their confusion. For instance, when we departed from ABC and visited some Hindu temples, we were astounded to see the spiritual darkness that these people are living by worshipping every kind of creature such as trees, animals, rocks, etc… Their Hindu doctrine claims that just as one cannot separate the rays from the sun, one cannot separate God, the Creator, from the things that He created.   The error in this doctrine is self-evident in the bible since it condemns when “people worship the created things instead of the Creator, God who is blessed forever.”   Another site that troubled our hearts was the River Gange which is recognized as the “holy river” by the Hindu people.   The legend of Hindus taught people that water flows from the head of Shiva, the most honored god.  The people in their blindness and darkness believe that by bringing sacrifice to this river, they will receive God’s blessing in their lives.  More troubling is that even human lives are being sacrificed in this river and especially girls since they are not wanted by Hindu families.
Due to the tragedies that we witnessed in our two weeks journey to India, I and Pastor Aurel Balici, departed from ABC airport on July 11th, 2006 thanking God for His blessing to be born in a Christian country like Romania and to be able to experience more religious freedom in America.  Our gratitude to the Lord augmented when we heard about the Islamic fanatics’ attack that happened in the city of Bombay shortly after our arrival in Chicago.  On my part, I thanked God for saving me twice from death since four year ago from this same date, He sent His angel to protect my life from the gang member who shot me in the chest in Chicago.  God, however, saved me and gave me more reasons to serve Him and those who want His blessed presence in their lives.  Indeed, this mission trip could not have been possible without His guidance and protection along the 19,000 kilometers we traveled to the various destinations in the heart of India.  At the same time, this trip would not have been as effective if it was not for all those who helped in our journey.  Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to Brothers ABC who welcomed us at the airoport and took us to different sites.  Second, I would like to thank Rv. Ilie Tomuta from Philadelphia Pentecostal church in Chicago who motivated me to come on this trip and who also accompanied us in our journey.  Also, I want to thank the Romanian missionaries for being true testimonies of faith and persistence in a lost world.   Lastly, I want to encourage each one of you who read this article to pray for the mission work in India and for God to open the doors that more people can be saved from the wicked arms of Hindu religion.


Brazil Trip Report

January 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the Name, which is above every name, the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. A team of 7 of us worked from Jan. 21 to Jan. 30 in the prisons within the state of Santa Catarina.  There were no Chaplains in any of the prisons. The team included: Willie, an ex-con, Constantin, Adrian, Aurel, Pavel, John and Vasile. The team visited 6 prisons and did two Prison Training Seminars as well as distributing over 435 Bibles in Portuguese to the inmates and distributing many bags of beans, rice, sugar, and cooking oil which were combined in one month packages to over one hundred families in some of the poorest areas in Blumenau and Jaragua do Sul.  There was ministry to inmates with praying to commit their lives to the Lord.  Also, there was ministry in 8 churches in the evenings. One of the greatest miracles occurred when a connection was made with the Ministry of Justice representative who said that if any of the directors of any of the prisons did not cooperate with us, he would fire him.  We had access to every prison in the state.Jan 21, Sat. –  the ministry began in Blumenau, 680 kilometers from Sao Paulo.  At the first prison, Presidiu de Blumenau, evangelism took place in the yard with 70 women, 29 men and a group of about 100 homeless inmates including families of women, children and visitors.  About 35 prayed to receive Christ as Lord.  In the evening, there was a great visitation from the Lord in the Assembly of God Church with 1000 in attendance with many recommitments.Jan 22, Sun. – the group divided and ministered in three churches, one of which was in Blumenau.  One young woman testified that she was prepared to commit suicide but she attended the church for the first time ever and the Lord delivered her and she rejoiced with tears that she was free of the torment the Enemy had put in her mind.  The pastor will follow-up and help her in the faith Jan 23, Mon. – the first Prison Training seminar took place in the afternoon with over 100 in attendance.  Forty attendees were inspired to start prison ministry and to become affiliated with Chaplains for Christ.  We also met Daniela Gherman who became our Romanian interpreter. Jan 24, Tues – we distributed the bags of groceries along with local pastors, including Senior Pastor Nilton dos Santos the brother of Daniel dos Santos, our main connection. Jan 25, Weds – our second and third prison visits took place in Floreanopolis, the capital of the state.  Ministry to 165 men and 70 prayed to commit their lives.  One director requested Bro.Willie and the team to pray and lay hands on him and to pray for the work of the prison.  The evening was spent on an ocean tour on a charter boat and brothers Constantin, Aurel, and Adrian caught some fish. Jan 26, Thurs – we attended two more prisons in Joinville.  In one prison, we had the first evangelical services in the history of the six-month-old prison.  The Gospel and the testimony of Willie Ripple touched about 300.  There was such an impact, that over 200 men prayed the salvation prayer.  We began the second seminar with 60 in attendance in Jaragua do Sul.Jan 27, Fri – we returned to another prison in Joinville.  In one area, the inmates were so dangerous, we had to preach to them from the roof of the prison were 350 more men and 60 women heard the Good News and 200 men and 40 women prayed the sinners prayer. One woman was baptized with the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues and many tears. In the afternoon was free time in Barra Velha.Jan 28, Sat. – visited prison in Jaragua do Sul with 32 inmates ministered to and 20 committed their lives.  At night, the team split to minister in four churches.  Pastor Balici ministered with a word of knowledge that there was someone there who traveled along way to attend this service to be healed of an incurable disease.  At the end of the service, one man testified that he was that man and that the Lord had healed him that night. Jan 29, Sun. – we gave the second session of the second seminar in Jaragua do Sul.  At the end 30 more dedicated themselves to prison ministry.  We also distributed food to 25 more families.  We visited an elderly sister who had a word of knowledge from the Lord before the team arrived that our ministry in Brazil was according to His timing and that a sign of that was that we should trust that He would protect our families. In the evening was ministry to four churches.Jan 30. Mon. – we toured Curitiva and returned to Sao Paulo for a night flight back to Chicago.

Praise God for all that He did in this place through our weak vessels.  What a remarkable opportunity it is to serve the Master in this way.


Raport Misionar – Brazilia

Ianuarie 2006

Pe data de 21 ianuarie, o echipă de şapte persoane a plecat în misiune în Brazilia şi s-a reîntors acasă pe data de 31 ianuarie. Din echipă au făcut parte cinci membri din Biserica ,,Golgotha” din Chicago: Adrian Greab, Pavel Sav, Inacu Palik, Vasile Butnariu şi Constantin Lupancu. Au participat, de asemenea, pastorul Aurel Bălici de la Biserica ,,Ghetsimani” din Chicago şi un creştin american, fost deţinut, Ripple Willie.
Echipa a vizitat în scop evanghelistic, şase închisori, a ţinut două seminarii de echipare pentru misiunea în închisori şi a dăruit deţinuţilor peste 435 de Biblii în limba portugheză. De asemenea, au fost ajutate peste o sută de familii în cele mai sărace zone din Blumeu şi Jaragua do Sul cu: saci de fasole, orez, zahăr şi ulei. Seara s-au susţinut programe creştine în opt biserici. Una dintre cele mai mari miracole s-a întâmplat când s-a făcut o conecţie cu un reprezentant al Ministerului de Justiţie, care a declarat că, dacă vreun director de la închisoare nu cooperează cu misionarii noştri, o să le desfacă contractul de muncă. Aşa că am avut acces la toate închisorile din statul Santa Catarina.
Sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie – Misiunea a început în Blumenau, un oraş situat la 680 km de Sao Paulo unde am aterizat. La prima închisoare, Presidiu de Blumenau, au ascultat Cuvântul Domnului 70 de femei, 29 de bărbaţi şi vreo 100 de oameni ai străzii din care unii locuiau cu toată familia pe stradă. Seara am participat la un serviciu divin la ,,Lord in the Assembly of God Church”, întâlnirea care a avut peste 1000 de participanţi, dintre care mulţi şi-au rededicat viaţa lui Hristos.
Duminică, 22 ianuarie – Echipa s-a împărţit şi a slujit în trei biserici, una dintre ele fiind în Blumenau. O tânără a mărturisit că intenţiona să-şi pună capăt zilelor, dar participând cu această ocazie pentru prima dată la un serviciu divin, Domnul a eliberat-o de gândul acesta. A ieşit în faţă şi, cu lacrimi, a recunoscut că a avut zile de coşmar înainte de întâlnirea cu Evanghelia, deoarece diavolul o teroriza cu acest gând de sinucidere. Acum era plină be bucurie. Liderul bisericii se va ocupa de creşterea ei spirituală.
Luni, 23 ianuarie – A avut loc primul seminar de echipare a lucrătorilor din închisori, la care au fost prezenţi peste o sută de persoane. Patruzeci dintre ei au fost cercetaţi de Domnul şi au luat decizia de a lucra în închisori şi de a se afilia cu organizaţia noastră, ,,Capelani pentru Hrisos”. Aici ne-am întâlnit cu Daniela Gherman, o româncă căsătorită în Brazilia, care a devenit translator pentru grupul nostru.
Marţi, 24 ianuarie: Am distribuit alimente împreună cu pastorii locali: Nilton dos Santos şi fratele său, Daniel dos Santos, omul nostru de legătură şi colaborare.
Miercuri, 25 ianuarie – A doua şi a treia vizită în închisori a avut loc în Floreano-polis, capitala statului Santa Catarina. Din cei 165 de participanţi, 70 şi-au predat viaţa Domnului Hristos. Unul dintre directori l-a rugat pe Willie şi echipa să se roage pentru a fi autorizat şi ajutat de Domnul în răspândirea mesajului sfânt în închisori.
Joi, 26 ianuarie – S-au ţinut servicii divine la încă două închisori din Joinville. +ntr-una din închisori serviciu divin pe care l-am organizat era primul de acest gen, fiindcă închisoarea fusese înfiinţată cu doar şase luni înainte. Evanghelia şi mărturia depusă de Willie Ripple a atins în jur de 300 de persoane. Ea a avut un impact atât de puternic, încât peste 200 de oameni s-au rugat pentru mântuirea lor. Seara s-a desfăşurat al doilea seminar pentru pregătirea lucrătorilor din închisori, la care au participat 60 de persoane din zona Jaragua do Sul.
Vineri, 27 ianuarie – S-a revenit în Joinville, la o altă închisoare. +ntr-o parte a închisorii, unde erau cei mai periculoşi deţinuţi, am fost solicitaţi ca, pentru siguran-ţa noastră, să predicăm Evanghelia de pe acoperiş. Au participat 350 de bărbaţi şi 60 de femei care au auzit Vestea Bună a Evangheliei şi 200 de bărbaţi şi 40 de femei s-au rugat pentru iertarea păcatelor. După amiază, fiind liberi, am vizitat localitatea Barra Velha.
Sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie – Am vizitat o închisoare din Jaragua do Sul unde 20 de persoane şi-au predat viaţa lui Hristos. Seara, echipa s-a împărţit şi a participat la servicii divine în patru biserici.
Duminică, 29 ianuarie – Am continuat seminarul din Jaragua do Sul. La sfârşit, încă 30 de persoane s-au dedicat pentru misiunea în închisori. Am distribuit şi mâncare la peste 25 de familii. Seara am participat la serviciu divin în patru biserici.
Luni, 30 ianuarie – Am vizitat oraşul Curitiva şi ne-am întors în Sao Paulo pentru a lua avionul înapoi spre Chicago.
Glorie lui Dumnezeu pentru tot ce a făcut prin vasele noastre slabe!

Rev. Constantin Lupancu,