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Haiti – Orphans Adopted

Mission Trip to Haiti

Continuing Church Building and Adopted Children

November 2 – 8, 2010

In our last trip to Haiti, in which we were suppose to continue the building of the church in Jacmel, a big storm happened. Because the electricity went out we went to town to find electricity and charge our phones. On the way we saw a tent camp which was wiped out by the storm. It was a devastating scene. Women, children sitting in the rain with no shelter no food, disorientated and in despair. Our hearts were broken so we took action. We went and bought food for couple hundred people, and decided to take some of the orphan children in our care. Pastor Medit was kind enough to allow them in his house and to literally go from 0 children to 9 in one day. Currently he holds 12 children and we are looking for sponsors that would be willing to support them every month. Here is an email form Pastor Medit describing the situation:


I am happy to write you and the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.
My new familly and me say hi to you. Now i have 9 kids, praise God. I need to help me in the prayer for the kids,because i have 4 kids sick :Marie Laure, his sister and his brother and B0l0 the young kid.They affected with a lot of botten in the boby,before they sleeping in dirty close or dirty bed in the camp were i am there a lot dirty water.
I was to see the doctor with them, the doctor give the antiboitic and many vitamin to take care the kids.I have to do the medical text for them. there is the election in haiti all office close , i am waitting for the hopital open.About the school, the school gone up in december 6,2010, iam ready buy the books, i have the teacher come in my house to give the lesson every day It’s very great for the because i went to the beach with them, they swining, happy ,in joy and eating to gether.My kids the life very change completly,the grow-up and they are pounds. I have 3 sponsorship for 3 kids, i need to have for the6 orthers,because i need: food, hopital,education,vacation .I was evangelism last week 9 people come to Jesus, praise God,we gone see a man cuting in feet come to Jesus at that time .Ihappy to send you the repport of my ministry this mouth.

Pray for me and i pray for you.

Sincerely Pastor Medit Sanon


Please continue to pray for Haiti and fell free to join our efforts by contacting us.


Mission Trip to Haiti

Building the Church of Christ in Jacmel

September 20 – 27, 2010

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we had another mission trip to Haiti with a group from various churches. Last time when we visited Haiti in April 2010 we purchased a piece of land in the region of Jacmel in order to build a church. The church had rented a place of worship close to Romano Catholic Church’s building in Jacmel, where lots of people from the Catholic Church came to worship together in the Christian Protestant Church caused by the presence of the living Spirit of God. People were touched, blessed and some asked to receive the act of Baptism.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.” Matthew 28:19-20

“He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” Matthew 28:19-20

Due to the circumstances created the Catholic priest purchased the neighboring building where they worshiped, and gave them a notice to abandon the location. Now, the church was without a location and the new believers gathered together in a brother’s front yard and used plastic coverings as a means of shelter from the rain. Hearing all this in the month of July when I was called by Pastor Medit from Jacmel, I said I will try to mobilize some churches to start building a church on the piece of land we bought. We purchased the property without knowing the situation with the Romano Catholic Church. In the month of September at the Romanian Convention in Atlanta, I contacted Pastor Iulian Costea who mobilized people from his church and other churches from the states towards the Jacmel project. The number of skilled people responding to the request was amazing. Among us were some girls that had a desire to work with the little children. There were people from Bethel Pentecostal Church in Nashville pastored by Iulian Costea, form Golgotha Romanian Pentecostal Church in Chicago, from 
Bethel Romanian Pentecostal Church in Indiana, from 
New Hope in Anaheim, California and 
Grace Romanian Pentecostal Church in Houston, Texas.

We all met in Florida and from there we took a flight towards the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. There we met the Pastor Medit who picked us up on a bus at the airport and we headed toward Jacmel (a 3-hour drive through the mountainous road). We were worried it would rain all those days and we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Despite the weather forecast, the very next day was clear and everything was perfect for construction during our entire time there. As soon as we left Haiti, the storms began pouring again! The team worked in harmony and the quality and the skill of certain people who are contractors in the states was greatly appreciated. Some of the contractors came with the tools necessary for proper leveling of the foundation on a hilly elevation. Their participation in this poor country makes a great difference especially with the money because the materials are so expensive. We spent $15,560 on the foundation’s materials, which includes the sand, rocks, cement blocks, plywood, 2x4x16 wood, steel rebars for enforcement and others. People from the church came together and helped us mix the cement and pour the foundation. They sang enthusiastically and prayed together and continued to work hard. There were people of all ages working, form 5 year olds to 65 year olds, each carrying a stone or a bucket of cement. The girls thought the little children the alphabet and biblical things while being deeply touched by their love and poor lifestyle.

We held evangelical meetings almost each night under that improved plastic tent and gave thanks to God for His goodness. Everybody from our team was able to share something from the gospel and greet the church members. Some of us visited the inmates in Jacmel’s prison on one morning and we encouraged them and shared the gospel of Jesus with them and gave them hygienic supplies. We purchased 22 bags of rice and 22 bags of beans and shared them with the poor people and the people that worked on the foundation.

Sunday morning we left Jacmel and headed toward Port-au-Prince where we had a tour of the ruins of the quake. At night, we stopped at the Soldier for Christ church where we attended their church service. We all were also able to share our greetings and the word of God that night to about 2,000 people under a tent where there used to be a church before the earthquake. We slept that night in a part of the same church’s building which was left undisturbed by the quake. In the morning we headed toward the airport where everyone got home safely. We thank God for helping us and we thank all of you for your donation and participation and bring His hope to the hopeless in Haiti.

Constantin Lupancu

Italy and Romania

Mission Trip to Italy & Romania

July 20– August 10, 2010

Greetings to you and all yours in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of our Lord, the Lupancu family – Constantin and Brandusa Lupancu visited Italy and Romania.

First we were invited to Italy in the city of Ferenze at a church where a wedding ceremony was taking place for one of my family members, Corneliu Dumitrescu. The ceremony took place in the church and the reception took place in a beautiful restaurant surrounded by a vineyard during the entire afternoon. This was an event that brought together all the families from Romania and Italy. At the church, I had a message – I blessed the church and the new family with a message from the bible. Because our mission is involved in prison ministry, we tried to reach the prison from Rome and the guys that were involved in the prison ministry but the time was too short and the process of getting an approval was difficult and they could not honor our request in such a short time. Instead, we used the remaining time to visit and explore Rome, Tourino, Venice, Ferenze, and other historical sites.

Being in Rome, we remembered the Christians from the first century when they were persecuted in the Colosseum and Catacombs of Rome – this refreshed our memory with the Christians that gave their lives for Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Romanians from all over of Romania, due to the economic hardship, left the country and settled all over Italy and opened places to worship God. The local people (being devoted to God before), they showed us a cold heart and were not interested anymore in Godly things. We prayed that God would bring revival. I strongly believe that just as myself, being hungry for God, thousands of people are also hungry for more of God in their lives and we are crying for a genuine spiritual awakening over Italy and not only for Italy but all over – We need a fresh outpouring of the presence, power and glory of the Living God. I believe that there is a time of revival. God brought lots of Romanians over this land of Italy to spring up revival. However, we are yet to experience the full blast of the spirit as promised in the Scriptures. My prayer is that God will send a mighty revival over Italy. The Apostle Paul has done a great contribution to the book of Romans. Paul had been commissioned to open the eyes of the gentiles and turn them from the darkness to light. From the power of Satan to God so that they might receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus (Acts 26:18). Since no revival has occurred without increased intercession from the people through united prayer. Our hearts cry out so that Italy can have a time of revival as in the early days.

From there we flew to Romania; together with my wife and my mother-in-law, Felicia on the 28th of July. We arrived early in the morning to the city Bacau in Romania, where my brother Liviu picked us up and brought us to the city Radauti.

After a few hours of rest that evening, we went to the church in Sucevita where we were watching God moving in so many lives that night. We met that day a young brother, Catalin Sireagu from Cluj. He is a student in the field of chemistry and won the Europe Prize of Chemistry but most importantly he is a young man that believes strongly in God and God uses him powerfully with his testimony. There was a fresh anointing and God increased his flow with his presence. A lot of people were touched. The gift of prophecy was heard throughout the church at the same time, it is sad to see how many modern churches in the West have neglected and forgotten the essential role of the Holy Spirit. Yet, in the New Testament, we read about a church that was completely dependent upon the Power of the Holy Spirit and guidance was evident everywhere. The church of Jesus Christ was born in the Pentecostal Fire and the concept of a church without all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit would be considered and is a dead church. The power of the Holy Spirit in the early church was a part of the Christian experience for everyone that believed in Jesus Christ. It is for us now – to expect God to do the same – and He will move and fill us like in the church mentioned. God is using Catalin Sireagu and other youth that are dependent upon Him like the early believers to ignite the fire and the desire in many lives.

I was blessed to meet this brother and to have ministered together with him in other churches throughout Bucovina. We went to visit Dorohoi, a city that was affected severely by this years flood. The scene that confronted us was chaotic with flooded streets and homes. Citizens cleaned up their homes from mud and from their furniture and some of them sitting in a heap of mud of the home that was once was his house. One third of the entire city was flooded – something that was not only unexpected but also unprecedented. Most of the people did not have any more furniture or clothing – all their goods were full of mud. We had an opportunity to be a blessing for these people and show the world the love of Christ in purest form. We left an amount of money with the pastor Aurel Soltusu trusting him to distribute it to the families that have lost their home and others that have big needs. We also distributed some of the money directly to some families. The believers came together as one ready to remove the mounds of mud from their neighbors’ homes and from houses that were left homeless and to feed the hundreds that were left without anything. Pastor Gradinaru’s home was flooded with over 7 feet of water barreling through the window taking with it everything that made their house a home, leaving nothing but bare walls in its wake.

Two years ago, our mission started a church building project in the northern part of Romania in a village called Mitoc Prut. By the grace of God we helped Pastor Viorel with money to finish this church and to have an inauguration soon. That was a very hot day but touched by the Love of Christ, we walked house to house to those that were sick and prayed for them and gave them words of encouragement and some money for medicine. On our way back, we stopped at the city of Botosani where we met our contacts, Petru Turcoman and Mircea Boldea and had dinner together with them.

After dinner we visited the orphanage in Botosani and helped them with a bit of money and shared testimonies of how God blessed the children raised in the orphanage throughout the past years. At night we ministered at the church in Bosanci where I met a brother named Irimia Croitoru who attended the army with me in the 1980s.

Another village that was very affected by a recent flood was Dornesti. The pastor from the area gave us a tour and we saw the many homes that were demolished and even the bridge that resisted through many floods was destroyed and required the army to build a floating bridge, which we used to cross to the other part of the village, and helped the other families that were affected.

Throughout this experience, I reacquainted myself with a lesson that although I knew in my heart to be true, had started to fade. If our hearts belong to anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ (and only Him), the pain of loss would be too much to bear. If Jesus is all we need, want, and desire – when things suddenly happen, Jesus remains every true, ever faithful, and a help that is ever present in a time of trouble.

Saturday, August 7th, together with my wife, I visited and ministered in the prison of Botosani. Hygienic goods were purchased and my wife packed 120 bags and distributed to the inmates. I ministered to them that Saturday morning from the word of God and I saw the hunger and the thirst after God in their hearts because they were so attentive. They did not move a muscle for an hour as they were paying attention. My wife was very surprised as she noticed that atmosphere, as it was her first time in prison ministry. An old friend, Severin, could not attend the meeting and so I visited his cell personally and encouraged him to be strong. We were able to visit the poor people of Campul Lung that requested our help many times.

One night, we had the opportunity to minister and to share God’s words in the church of Voitinel. And after the church service we had dinner and fellowship with the Hrisca family.

During this trip we incorporated our ministry in Romania under the name of “Nadejdea Binecuvantata” which is part of Blessed Hope International Mission, Inc. (BHIM). We expect by the grace of God to receive a land in Romania in Radauti for the future ministry development. My cousin Petrica Moloceniuc and the other team members are making necessary arrangements to acquire the land and start building schools and other facilities as God wills. Towards the end of our trip, we visited homes in a mountainous area called Falcau and families in need in Vicov.

Sunday, we ministered to a church in village Iazlovati where over twenty people got baptized in water. There was a big joy in that church and a lot of people attended. The church and streets were overcrowded. Towards the end of the mission trip, we visited my village Satu Mare with my uncle Filon Moloceniuc. We also visited the church of Dumbraveni – one of the largest and modern churches in Bucovina. We attended a wedding ceremony in Maranata Church of Radauti where my old friend Simion and Lidia Buzduga married their daughter.

We thank God for His grace that He gave to us in this trip and all that has been accomplished is for His Glory. In Phillipians 1:6, God assures us that he is continually at work in us, and will continue this work throughout our lives. Furthermore, we learn that God “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us” (Eph 3:20).

Haiti–April, 2010

Mission Trip to Haiti

April 13 – 19, 2010

Praise be to our Lord through whose help we were able to return to Haiti for a short but fruitful five day trip. Our planned trip for January 12 did not materialize as we expected, just to see later on all the media the disaster that came over this already impoverished country. We were planning a follow up trip to our 2009 mission trip in order to encourage churches to seek the power of the Holy Spirit and to find other opportunities to get involved. After the earthquake, God’s call to be partakers in the Haitian’s people suffering became stronger. Because of the great need in Haiti we involved multiple people and churches. The unity created enabled us to have a bigger impact.

There were people from three churches in Chicago, specifically from Golgotha Church: Constantin Lupancu, Pavel Sav, and FG; from Gethsemane: Pastor Aurel Balici, Radu Vlad, Vasile Rodila and from Elim Pastor Pavel Murza. Pastor Ioan Blaga from Seattle’s First Romanian Pentecostal Church, and Viorel Gromic from Betel Romanian Church in Portland, OR. Grace Romanian Church in Houston, TX and Knox Romanian Church of God, IN made generous contributions for the people of Haiti in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were grateful to have Pierre Gelinas who helped with translating, and Haitian Pastor Serge Demonsthenes.

The first part of the trip was revisiting New Covenant Christian Church in Gonaives pastured by Joseph Jules Jasmin. The big school bus shook and rumbled on the 80 miles road to Gonaives from

Port-au-Prince but we got there in about 3 hours, which was good considering the 6-hour drive we did last time. Our host was Pastor John a friend of Jasmin and the leader of a church in the vicinity of Gonaives. The roads, poverty, and heat were a shock to our group but greater was the joy when in open air we were able to worship with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

For two nights we had worship services in open air because the house used by the New Covenant Christian Church was too small to hold all the attendants, which came from all the area around. It was a great joy to see the children singing so loud and fully hearten, to hear their prayers and see their thankfulness even in the face of such harsh life. The church had multiplied since last year and nylon covers were put over the yard so services can be held there. A girl whose parents practiced voodoo was brought and she was shaking and screaming infernally.

She loved coming to church but her parents always try to stop her or send her to buy something at the market when time to go to church was. We prayed for her and after a long while she became calm as dead, barely the pulse was beating. The pastor was to follow up with the parents as they probably influence her state.

We also held a seminary regarding the Holy Spirit. The church did not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit but they received our teaching with gladness and some people started praying for God to send the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit over them. Part of the group went to buy food for the poor families in church or whose children came to church. The church leaders arranged the distribution at a safe location. We also searched for land so we can help New Covenant build a church but were not able to complete a transaction. We pray God will open the door and give the necessary resources so the church can have a building where they can worship. On our way to Port au Prince, we stopped for a couple hours and visited the prison of San Mark city. We delivered goods and bibles to the inmates and also ministered to them.

Our next destination was a town in the mountains called Jacmel. To get there we had to go back to Port-au-Prince, change our school bus to some smaller vans and drive 2 hours on the wavy road up and then down the mountain. Here the air was clean now and there was well-watered vegetation, almost jungle looking. Town after town we can see the effects of the earthquake: housed destroyed, schools in rubles some still with the dead inside, big cracks in the road, landslides, and tent camps. We got to Jacmel just in time for a church service, held at a rented location in Orangers. Pastor Medit Sanon started this church about a year ago and now it was packed with people of all ages praising God. The frequent electrical outages, bad sound system, or dire heat did not stop anyone from coming before the throne with all their hearts. In Jacmel we had similar activities as in Gonaives: worship services, seminar, and food about 200 families. Pastor Medit had a list with the very poor of around the town and part of our group visited them. It is hard to describe in words the poverty but we did what we could materially and spiritually.

Our time here was less than two days but by God’s grace accomplished much. One of these things was baptizing 10 people. Pastor Medit had been planning for this and the 10 young boys and girls were ready to make the commitment to serve God their entire lives. Pastor Aurel Balici and Pavel Sav performed the baptism in the ocean. It was a time of celebration for both us on earth, and the angels in heaven. There was a piece of land Pastor Medit showed us that he wanted to buy for his church. The person selling the land was not in town but we asked for a sign from God, that if its His will to buy this property for things to work such we will be able to buy it. The old man selling the land was afraid to sell it so fast and was worrying about having $4,200 on him. Also he was not willing to negotiate. God worked in his heart and by the end of the day sold the land to Blessed Hope Mission under the signatures of Constantin Lupancu and Aurel Balici. Praise Be to God!

From Jacmel we headed back to Port-au-Prince where Pastor Serge used to live. This is where the bulk of the destruction took place when the earthquake happened. If the poverty in the rest of the country was shocking the situation here is indescribable. Every street in the city was affected. It seemed like someone had decided which house to destroy and which to allow standing. The stories of the survivors are amazing. We stopped by the ruins of one church. It was in full service and was holding about 500 people when the earthquake happened. The building collapsed but none died. A similar story took place at the church where we attended two services. The 1,000 people cathedral collapsed yet everyone ran out before the building fell. Now it was just a nylon-covered yard where people still came to worship by the hundreds. Believers come here every day of the week at 4 am and pray for two hours. It was frustrating because their prayers awoke us. At the same time, it was somewhat embarrassing to think how little effort we put into prayer services at home. The part of the building, which housed classes, the kitchen and bedrooms, did not fall and our hosts were kind to let us sleep there. It was one in a lifetime experience to hear the voices of 1,000 worshiping God without songbooks, projectors, or electricity, yet loud and clear. Heaven came close to earth, and God gave grace in the time of such trouble. Many of us encouraged them to stay close to God and reminded them they are not forgotten by their brothers in the United States.

The church seemed like the only organization in Haiti that still had some structure to it. People were able to come together and clean the ruble, or even go to other town in mission trips. Classes were held in the church “tent” since the schools were destroyed. Bed sheets were the only walls between the classes, the school supplies few, but those young minds were eager to learn. The Pastor took us through tent camps where we helped many poor families from church. In one tent lived a 90-year-old lady in close to 100-degree heat, limited water, nowhere to wash, and restrooms (if you can call them so) that were not meant to service so many people. Yet there is still hope in every person eyes that something will change and God will provide.

Many missions and governments took it upon themselves to go help in Haiti, and it may come to our mind that they are getting enough help. Yet as we saw the need there is so great that much more help is needed. Much of the resources available do not get to the person on the street and that’s what we did there. Our help was little but if we put many put their little together it becomes much. As the disciples asked Jesus why the tower of Siloam fell on 18 people we look and ask why such destruction came upon the Haitian people, such that 250,000 of them died. Simplistic answers are given such as the disciples gave. Only our God cannot be fit or understood in our little mind. If He were then He would be human, or we would all be gods. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.” God is doing something more complicated and greater than we are; yet He gave us good instructions for what we have to do “Seek the Lord while he may be found”. As you finish reading this article, seek the Lord and sense what He is directing you to do with your life!


Mission Trip to Mexico

February 8 – 15, 2010

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have been praying for a long time and waiting for God’s guidance for this journey. We are so blessed and delighted to inform you of our first missionary trip to the city of Monterrey in Mexico. By the grace of our Lord, we, Edgar Garza, Constantine Lupancu, Pavel Sav from Golgotha Church, form Gethsemane Church Pastor Aurel Balici, and brother Toader Dorel Stirbu were part of this missionary trip.

Monday February 8th we arrived at Harlingen, Texas Airport. Entering the country of Mexico through the border of McAllen, Texas drove for four straight hours with Pastor Cesar, his wife Rebecca, and Edgar’s parents to the city of Monterrey. Arriving around 9:30 PM to an underprivileged neighborhood, the service took place in a local mechanical shop, where followers of Christ gather every Monday night. There was a tremendous manifestation of the Holy Spirit, we had an opportunity to pray and lay hands on many of the people. The Lord touched many hearts that night and we experienced the mighty power of God among his people. After the service we were invited to dinner by our brothers, offering us homemade tamales, ending our night around eleven p.m.

Tuesday, February 9th we departure from Monterrey
to the town of El Carmen, about a half hour away, we where invited to the Church of El Divino Salvador “The Divine Savior” by Pastor Josue Murillo for fellowship and breakfast. Pastor Sergio Castillo and his members of the rehab center joined us. Pastor Josue showed us the installations of his church he treated us with a few worship song of his own inspiration. We then visited Edgar’s parent’s home and enjoyed one of the best fresh tangerines and oranges picked right from the trees with and unforgettable flavor. We rested to prepare ourselves for a service in the town Abasolo scheduled for five p.m.

Arriving to the (El Polivalente), the town’s outdoors event hall where the service took place, we were blessed to bring to the people the Lord’s good news and the power of the Holy Spirit. Among all the people that we ministered, there was a blind woman and a man with Tuberculosis who we prayed to our Lord to heal them; days later, after our trip, we received a phone call from our brothers in Mexico giving us notice of the great miracle of God that gave partial  sight to the blind lady and complete healing of tuberculosis to the man. Being both touched by the healing power of the Holy Spirit, we rejoiced ourselves every moment we spent with our brothers, who have such a passionate love for our Lord. God performs miracles to confirm His Word especially in the places where the gospel has not advanced to open a way for the gospel to be accepted and people to be saved. The Kingdom of God is coming in the hearts of people and people turn from rituals, and forms of religion to the true God; living a life of holiness in the fear of God Almighty.

We left that night after the service ended to spend the night at our brother Cesar’s home, spending time with him and his family in prayer and worship, this was a blessed day full of joy and happiness to be part of how our Lord moves and touches peoples heart, any where we go with a strong burning desire to serve Him with all of our hearts.

Wednesday, February 10 Invited by Pastor Sergio Castillo and his wife Silvia to visit their rehab center and their church, they prepared us a delicious breakfast with fresh baked bread, of which they sell in the streets
to support their ministry. We all traveled joined by all the rehab center members, to a close by neighborhood called “El Topo Chico” it was previously a stone query, from which they extracted stone to make cement and gravel. This same neighborhood was the home of most of the members from the rehab center; just to see them doing the work of the Lord, rescuing their own family and friends from the hands of the devil under drug and alcohol addictions, shows the love and compassion of Jesus Christ in action.

A home was visited and had a unforgettable experience, to see the work of our Lord, the people living in this home agree to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord savior and decided to destroy all the images and statues of saints separating them from a true relationship with Christ; Also visited another home of blind older couple, true servants of the Lord, we had an opportunity to bring to all the people gather together the word of the Lord, hot soup was served to everyone, prepared by sister Silvia, pastor Sergio’s wife, they both have been with this ministry for a few years, it has been a great blessing for this community, for their continues presence in this poor areas and their love for the Lord, also plenty of clothing and candies was given to the people. It was such a nice moment to see all the members of the rehab center dedicating their lives searching for more people in need of Gods presence and a better promising future.

We all returned for lunch to the rehab center, they have prepared us roasted turkey and fresh baked bread, spending great time with all
this loving servants of the Lord, after lunch we visited another poor neighborhood, where Pastor Sergio and wife have been visiting for the last 8 years, they are building a church of which they only have the walls up to four feet tall with dirty floor, we experience a unforgettable moment when all the children form this community prayed for us I will never forget their prayers with love for us, thanking God for our visit to their church, to be finish with the grace of our Lord.

A service was held that evening in the rehab center, where brother Constantin and Aurel had a tremendous message for the congregation,
many souls where touched by such empowering words that God placed on their hearts that night, we all rejoiced with his mighty presence, a lady started singing in divine angelical tones, it was such an anointed experience. Pastor Sergio, gave a warmed welcome to its newest member of the rehab center a 12 year old boy, drug addict just brought this morning from our visit to one of the poor neighborhoods, our heart was broken to see such a young being rescue by one of his own neighborhood friend, God is real, and continue to see his grace and mercy in action, everywhere we go in his mighty name, glory be to God.

Thursday, February 11 early that morning we started a
four-day seminar titled “Baptized by the Holy Spirit”, such anointed event was initiated with a breakfast at: Centro de Amistad Cristiana, by Pastor Cesar Betancurt and all his family giving all their unconditional support to the work of our Lord. Brother Constantin & Pastor Aurel initiated the event with a message that had tremendous impact, all the present congregation responded in with an enlighten presence of the Holy Spirit, as we looked around the church it was inevitable to ignore the presence of the mighty power of God touching everyone that morning, we couldn’t wait to continue with the following day with Gods call to serve him. That evening we departure back to the town of Abasolo, town located in the “Sierra Madre Occidental” in a stretch of two unique formations of mountains. Visiting the neighboring town of Hidalgo, that produces many tons of cement, extracting all the stone from their huge mountains, also visited by many professional mountain climbers from around the world, claiming to be just perfect for their passionate sport. Admiring such a beautifully scenery in this canyon of vast size of blue stone mountains, we can admire Gods lovely creation. We had an opportunity to pray for an older couple from Switzerland, that our Lord may bless and protect them from this dangerous sport. The day ended with prayer and fellowship at Edgar’s parents’ home that evening, again with the presence and anointing of the Holy Spirit filling our souls with fire and ready for another blessed day in Mexico.

Friday, February 12 after a good night sleep, we woke up by a delicious breakfast prepare by brothers Edgar’s mother, we departure to the town of Mina, being the only archaeological site of its kind with many paintings on large stones. Delighting our self’s with the serenity that the desert provides, where we all agreed to be a good place for a prayer seeking the presence of our lord. Driving another thirty minutes in to another mountain we visited an orphanage, unfortunate the children were not in campus, we had an opportunity to talk and pray for one of the staff members, leaving for the children some bags of candy. Pastor Aurel suggested he wanted to visit a spring of water in the town of Hidalgo, it was quite an adventure driving to this place, our van started to heat up and the road was a bit rough, but manage to arrive safely. It was a great experience to be high in the mountains and breathe such a clean fresh air. That evening we  returned to Monterrey to the church of Centro de Amistad Cristiana with Pastor Cesar Betancurt.

Bringing word of knowledge and encouragement to the people that attended the seminar, we where all filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit being such a blessing and encouragement for all of our brothers in Monterrey City. After the service ended we arrived at brothers Cesar’s home, spending great time of prayer and worship with all his family members. That night in Monterrey was a bit cold, since we didn’t have any heating, but with the fire of the Holy Spirit kept us warm.

Saturday, February 13 starting the day at church with a home made breakfast prepared by Rebeca  Pastor Cesar’s wife. The service started with the active participation of all the mission members, it was a great honor to serve our Lord in bringing the good news and blessings to our brothers in Monterrey Mex. During the service a young lady was mighty blessed with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in heavenly tongues as it is written in the book of Acts 2. Brother Toader Stirbu had a vision from God that a beam of light appeared onto the pulpit platform where this woman was praying and seeking fervently the Holy Spirit’s mighty power. As she was praying, brother Toader asked Pavel Sav to go onto the platform where the lady was praying in order to help her prayer because the light was shining on her. As they were approaching the side where she was praying, she started speaking in other tongues as the spirit gave her utterance. I asked brother Edgar Garza, who translated for us – what she was saying.

He told me the language she was speaking was not Spanish anymore – It was a heavenly language and she was full of Joy. That same night, Pastor Balici had words of knowledge from God to different people from the congregation. One was for brother Edgar’s parents to not look back on the old path of tradition they came from but to move forward, following the true living God, which saved them. It was such a rewarding moment to see Gods glory manifest in such a divine way, touching everyone in the congregation including all the members of the rehab center. We will never forget this mission trip, bringing to our lives a purpose to continue serving our mighty God. The seminar concluded late that night with plenty of joy and anointing that was felt amongst everyone present.

Sunday, February 14 early Sunday service initiated that morning with the fervent participation to serve our Lord. Church service and family prayer meeting were a blessing for all of us. God confirmed once again through a godly woman from Mexico City that the project of school in Romania is in God’s will. Words from Isaiah 44:1-3 were given as a reference to that project.

“1. This is what the LORD says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut:

2. I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.

3. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

That evening we where invited for dinner to a restaurant named “El Rey del Cabrito”. They specialize on charcoal grilled tender goat meat. There is a saying that if you visited Monterrey and didn’t go to this restaurant you did not visit Monterrey (very authentic food from the state of Nuevo Leon).

Monday, February 14 we departed from Pastor Caesars home early that morning, driving back for approximately four hours to Harlingen Texas to catch our plane that would take us back home to the States.

We saw once again his mighty work as we see in every country that our Lord permits us to visit. Our thanks are to Him because he gave us the honorable privilege to plant Gods word in Churches and under privilege communities in yet one more country. We ask you brothers to please pray the lives of those who gave their own lives to Jesus that they will become light in the darkness.

Blessed be the mighty name of our Lord Jesus!

Romania 2009

Mission Trip to Romania

December 15-29, 2009

Bringing Christ to Prisoners Everywhere

“ will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

It was only by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that he gave us the opportunity to have another mission trip in the last month of 2009.  Sorin Iacoban, from Bethel Church (Detroit) and I, from Golgotha Church (Chicago) decided to spend the last days of 2009 in the mission field.  We arrived in Bucharest when the snows fell heavily.  This made the traffic very bad and the people got stranded on the roads for long hours because of the weather.  Some had to be carried off by helicopters because they ran out of gas or food and needed to keep warm.  Our driver, Daniel Ursulean, who came from Suceava to Bucharest with my father Vasile Lupancu were blocked for 18 hours on the road before arriving to Urziceni.  Despite the circumstances, we were not completely stopped from beginning our mission in the prisons.  On Tuesday, we met our contacts; Constantin Gramada, Tamara Ulmeanu, Potop Ioan, and other volunteers, in Bucharest.

On Wednesday, we visited Prison Jilava where we went to the hospital inside and held a meeting with each patient in their cells individually.  We brought them gifts and words of encouragement and we prayed for them.  After visiting the hospital we held another meeting with other inmates in their main conference room.  There was a great response from the inmates.  Majority of them decided to give their life (and some rededicate their lives) to Jesus Christ.  A former inmate was one of the volunteers that assisted us in our mission.  He dedicated his life to Christ years ago while in prison.  He shared the testimony of his salvation and many of his former friends [inmates and guards] were affected and impacted by his testimony of how his life was transformed.  There is power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ who transforms lives from inside out and people that are coming from nowhere are getting somewhere with hope, dedication, vision and purpose.  This motivates and fuels us in the mission field because we see the results and transformations are real!

On Thursday, we ministered in the Prison of Rahova where I was not allowed access because the approval was denied that day but our volunteers from Bucharest were given access and continued to minister the gospel of Hope and brought gifts for the holiday season to the inmates.  We were planning to go to another prison around Bucharest but due to the weather conditions were unable to go.  After 18 hours, the roads were cleaner and traffic was permitted and my driver was finally able to arrive in Bucharest with my father after a day.

On Friday morning, we left Bucharest and went to Tirgu Ocna Prison, where Sorin Iacoban was an inmate 22 years ago and he had a desire to see this place.  On our way to Tirgu Ocna, we stopped at Focsani, where we ministered to the inmates there.  We did not have material gifts for them but we brought the greatest gift which is the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to seek and save the lost.  We arrived at Tirgu Ocna in the afternoon and the directors together with all the staff welcomed us.  They were very impressed to see someone changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they gave us access to minister to the juvenile inmates.  The testimony of the life change of Sorin impacted the guards and the inmates.  They granted us access and showed us all of the facilities.  It is now a modernized prison compared with what it was 22 years ago.  We headed north as the night approached.  We visited Botosani Prison but we were denied access because of the swine flu threat.  We were able to deliver bibles, gifts, and supplies.  We had one of our old friends, Severin Tcaciuc incarcerated and we really wanted to see him to bring him encouragement but we couldn’t.

During the next few days, we ministered in churches from the north part of Romania.  We visited the churches of Radauti, Voitinel, Suceava, Mitoc-Prut, and others.  One church that we our mission helped to build years ago, was a church in Darmanesti and I was able to minister in this church on one Sunday during the time of communion.  The Spirit of the Lord revealed to an elder brother that never met me that I was an ordained minister and to come and do the communion service.  Also, we visited poor families and helped them with gifts.  In the village of Mitoc-Prut, we began a church construction project 2 years ago, and is currently upon completion.  This village is very isolated from the city and not a lot of people have access to it since it is very close to the Ukrainian border.  During this time, God planted a desire in my heart to build and kindergarten school and a recovery home for the future of the children in Northern Romania.  This is a vision which can only be materialized by God’s providence because we believe where God guides he also provides.  The words from the Lord through the gift of prophecy confirmed that this is God’s will to do this Christian project.  My cousin, Petrica Moloceniuc from Radauti, and I were deeply moved by God’s desire that sought to use us for this plan.  For this purpose, we contacted other brothers and pastors that were involved  in education fields.

Pastor Ioan Badelita had built such a project years ago in Suceava, RO.  He has been successful in educating and making a big difference in the lives of a lot of children with a Godly principle.  He has encouraged us and promised us that he will give all of his support.  Another brother, Orest, who is involved in government and was even proposed to be a minister of agriculture also encouraged us and agreed to support us and make the arrangements to begin.  Launching this vision was received by other businessmen and teachers that we got into contact with.  Our prayer now is that the Lord will provide the land where to start the construction.  Since then, Petrica Moloceniuc with other brothers, continues to communicate and search for the interest of the vision to be accomplished.  It is also our prayer that God will connect with serious and holy people and establish the mission board for this project.  We encourage others to unite in our prayer and seek God’s guidance and providence in fulfilling this vision which is far beyond our abilities.

With this mission, we conclude 2009 and thank God for what he has done through us through our weak vessels and we believe that as we walk in obedience to his calling, he has greater things to accomplish for the future.  This is only appointed by the grace of God.