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Year 2016 reflection

 Year 2016 reflection, overview, and great hope for the future!

 Over the years we have had the opportunity and joy in participating to join our Lord Jesus Christ in the work that He is doing around the world delivering a message of hope, grace, and truth around the globe. 

As the year 2016 draws to closure, I reflect with gratitude in my heart for the good work that the Lord has prepared for us even from the beginning of the year. Today December 31, 2016, I can say, how great is your work oh Lord.

Like everyone, I face many challenges and choices every single day but I am thankful to the Lord Jesus that he did not leave us to muddle through on our own but He gives us the Holy Spirit to consult and gain Godly direction for the decisions that we make. 

This year especially, God has blessed us with great opportunities and challenges to share the gospel to many groups of people. I just want to express my thankfulness to our Lord and to everyone who contributed either financially, through prayer, or direct involvement and participation in our exciting mission trips to the following places:

 1) January vivid experiences and ministry in Bangladesh and Maymar.

2) March ministry and mission to South Pacific in the country of Fiji after hurricane Winston brought a lot of devastation. On the way, we stopped to the islands of Maui, Ianai and New Caledonia.

3) May mission trip to UK, Romania, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

4) June ministry to Nepali church in Austin, Texas and Romanian churches from San Antonio, Waco, Dallas and Houston.

5) July I ministered to churches in Springfield, Massachusetts and attended a Bhutanese Nepali conference in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and church of God general assembly in Nashville, Tennessee. 

6) September and October mission to Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Crete, and Lebanon. 

7) November ministry to Romanian and Jamaican churches in New York, Maryland and conference to Reading, Pennsylvania. Mission to Caribbean islands of Trinidad, Barbados and Dominica.

8) December mission to South Africa and Mozambique.

May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you in this world of chaos where we have an eternal hope in Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that the Lord will bless you in your coming and going. Together we might shine the light of Christ everywhere and in every season and every year until He comes. We extend again our best wishes for good health and happiness in the New Year of 2017.

Constantin Lupancu and Blessed Hope International Mission team