Our Mission

Originally Blessed Hope Mission, Blessed Hope International Mission is a prayer, evangelistic, and charity based ministry.  It was started by couple brothers in Christ from Chicago which had a deep desire help the needy families in Romania.  The goal was to present Jesus Christ while fulfilling the material need of many.  Later God guided us to spread the gospel in cities and prisons around the globe.

In order to fulfill the vision that God put into our hearts to raise and mobilize an army for Him, we preached the gospel multiple prisons from Honduras, Lima-Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, India, Kenya, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, and specially Romania. Guided by the Holy Spirit we also went to strengthen the Churches in Haiti and the Muslim country of Pakistan.  With each trip the feedback received brought us hope, satisfaction, and inspired us to greater goals for the glory of God.

There are three main aspects that define our mission:

  • To join an international prayer group which will seek God’s leading for ministering in different parts of the world so that His Gospel will reach the lost and hopeless.
  • Share the Good News through crusades and jail ministries, and to train a new generation of evangelists that will be ready to share the Gospel, in any circumstances, through the power of the Holy Spirit. International affiliates will be established, developed, and maintained as the Lord leads.
  • Provide help for the families in desperate needs through distribution of goods and spiritual help. Scriptures and other Christian literature will also be provided.

Our wish is that the stories and images available here will determine you to become an active part in the work of the kingdom of God.

“…go and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  Matthew 28:19