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Mission Trip to Austria
October 26th – 31st, 2011

Dear mission partners and friends,

By the Grace of God, I had the privilege to visit five churches from Vienna, Austria. Since a lot of Romanians after the revolution in 1989 have left former communist Romania and moved to Western Europe, a lot of them settled all over Austria. Some of my friends I grew up with live in Austria currently and it was in my heart to visit them. The last time I visited them on the way to Australia in January 2002. During this time, the Romanian community grew very strong and I was very impressed to see Elim Pentecostal Church in Vienna grew to have over 1000 members and was very organized with the outreach for the local Austrian population. I was hosted by a family that moved from Suceava to Austria a couple years ago. I visited churches and preached and encouraged them for the mission field. I challenged them to reach the unreached in Vienna and all of Austria. I reminded them that God has a purpose with Romanians in Austria. During this time of Western Europe Apostasy, the Lord brought Romanians with the purpose to revive and revitalize the Western churches. Old friends like Mircea Martincu with whom I grew up and spent four years also in Sibiu High School. I was able to restore the relation and also encourage him to stay close to the Lord during this difficult time that he is going through. We spent some quality time with Corneliu Barsan and his family on a Saturday evening.

A critical situation that I met was at Ciobanu’s house with his wife Lidia who suffered from a stroke and was paralyzed completely. I met them after 25 years and Lidia still cannot speak because of her situation. I reminded her of the time I lived in Romania and was very happy visiting her. I prayed with them asking the Lord Jesus to move on her behalf and heal her. I prayed and trusted God for a miracle but even though I could not see her walking, but could see her smile and encouragement. Her husband testified that his words are not enough to express his joy and words of encouragement during a time like this when no one visits them very often. With this occasion, her brother Adrian visited her and her cousin Corneliu came with me and visited her. I visited a few brothers in Gratz and also the church that was pastored by Traian Chira from a city near Gratz. I preached and encouraged the church to be strong in the Lord Jesus and to fulfill the Great Commission. That night, I was accommodated at his own house. I then visited three more churches in Vienna and blessed the people with the Word of God. I believed that (even though I spent a short time in this mission trip – but with great impact), the expenses and money spent was worth it.

On all our mission trips, we try to redeem the time and to reach as many people as we can and challenge them to build their life around the teaching of Jesus Christ who is the only fixed point in the Universe. Jesus came to lift up the world from the way of destruction and disintegration. He is the only one that is the same yesterday, today and forever!
“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” Hebrews 13:8

Rev. Constantin Lupancu together with the Blessed Hope International Mission Team