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Gospel Harvest Church – Malawi, Africa

I was born on 23 August 1953, but gave my life to the  Lord [got born again ] in 1978 when I was a young man.

I got involved in organising evangelistic meetings from 1980, the  same year I got married to my wife Cecilia,[ I now have 5 children and a grandson ].

As I moved from place to place organising and preaching the gospel , the Lord gradually started giving me the burden of starting a church with a vision and  passion for souls, mostly those in the rural places where the gospel is not often heard. The church was finally formed in 1997, and immediately started running with the vision. At present, we have 26 church branches planted from the time the church was born. 21 of these churches are in the said remote areas and are doing well.

I have 18 pastors who are working with me, these servants of God are doing a wonderful work. Eight of these have just been appointed, Iam at the moment preparing for their short term training.I plan to fully ordain them before the end of this year.

As to my theology education, I have two pastoral certificates:-

I obtained the first one in 2005 from Africa Ministries Network  [AFMIN ] after a four years periodical study. The headquarters of this ministry is in South Africa.

The second one was obtained in 2007 from Bible Training Centre For Pastors. The courses are prepared by Dr. Dennis J. Mock, a Baptist Pastor from Atlanta, Georgia, U. S A.

I also have a few other certificates received from short courses on leadership  and evangelism.

I pray that the Lord,the owner of the church and the harvest, may honour and fulfil your desire to be praying for us so that many people may come into God’s Kingdom and mature, ready to be used by the Master Jesus. We will indeed be thankful to God to see this relationship developing into greater heights for His glory.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Until the trumpet sounds, Iam your fellow laborer in the Lord’s vineyard,

Bishop Maston Davite

Gospel Harvest Church