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Romania, Republic of Moldova & Ukraine

Mission Trip to the Romania, Republic of Moldova & Ukraine

November 29th – December 14th, 2010


cannot forget our country ever since God called us and blessed us with the privilege of teaching the bible all over the world and do the charity work – it is after visiting Romania and helping its people that we feel motivated and compelled to continue in this mission year after year by the Grace of God for about 55 missions in Romania since 1990. This was possible only by the Grace of God because He has provided abundantly towards us to share with others. There is no better season to renew your commitment to the work of the Lord than the winter holiday season when people give gifts to each other. There is a great joy when you give the gift of Jesus Christ to others because this gift truly makes a difference and lives on eternally. It changes lives of men, women and children who choose to receive the gift of Christ. This gift has an indescribable value to those that receive His gift.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15 [NKJV]

He gave us the right to become Children of God – “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: 13 who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:2-13 [NKJV]


years ago, God granted us the resources and put in our hearts to help start a church building in Mitoc, Prut. In the month of November, Pastor Viorel Ignat has called us and told us the dedication will be in December 4th this year and he wants us to be part of that Joy. Together with my parents who have traveled 17 times to and from Romania, we planned to make a mission trip in Romania with brother Pavel Sav, Emanuel Margelu, and Daniel Turcoman. God has given us the privilege to arrive safely in Bucharest and start the ministry even there. We stopped at the Urziceni church and visited the ministry of Costel Gramada (an old friend). We then visited a family who had a completely paralyzed member living with them for many years. We encouraged the family to receive the Lord Jesus – the greatest gift that anyone can receive. After we prayed and helped them, we departed and left them to the grace of our Lord Jesus. I met some of our team members in Bucharest who delivered the documents to the minister of Romania for the project we are going to start. After hearing the report of approval for the project, I was a little bit concerned about how we would complete such a big project. God always shows up when it is His will to do something to encourage us and give us direction. I received a word from God that night not to worry but to trust him as I have seen his hand at work during the years before I will see this again. Due to the Romanian National Holiday, our plan to visit the Bucharest prison was cancelled. We departed toward northern Romania as we drove on a very icy and snowy road, a belt from our car broke near the city of Marasest and we had to stay there a motel and find a belt. In the morning, the owner of the hotel came and welcomed us and we started sharing with him the greatest gift which Jesus Christ life-changing. He was very open and we shared with him the love of Christ for over an hour. The driver, who was working hard to change the belt, said it was because of the owner’s need to hear the gospel that this happened to us. God has a purpose with everything be it good or bad. He works out His sovereign will due to the fact that this man was a highly influential person in that town. In the meantime the car was repaired and we departed with joy in our hearts to continue towards northern Romania. We ministered in the churches Sfantul Ilie, Dorohoi Church, Radauti Church, Vicov Church and others. As we traveled to a mountainous area near the village of Nisisipiu we met the pastor from the church in Nisisipiu and we learned something very interesting about the history of this church. In this village, people are addicted to alcohol, witchcraft and other evil. Years ago, a church was burned by the evildoers in their opposition to the Light of Christ. Christians from other villages helped to build another church but two years ago a big flood happened and destroyed the new project completely. The president of the country Traian Basescu came to see the devastation of the flood and met with the victims and questioned the ruins. People answered and said there was a Pentecostal church being built to which he responded, “I want a Pentecostal church rebuilt in another place.” The Christian brothers were discouraged to continue building again because of the previous experience and they concluded there was no resolution but God spoke through the president who had no affairs in the matter. They started building again and the church was completed. Years ago I spoke with one brother who was originally from that area – Mihai Zunichi – who currently lives in Arizona, US. He asked me what can be done regarding evangelism of Nisisipiu and I told him the only way that somebody would move and live the life of Christ, this would challenge the people. During the time of flooding, the news was spread all over and a family from Bucharest saw the devastation. God put in their hearts to go there and be generous. When they arrived in Nisisipiu and saw the area, they were compelled to move there and minister to the village people. God fulfilled that desire that I had for a family to move there years ago. Now this family lives in the church apartment and God moves in their ministry with signs and miracles. I heard many testimonies from this pastor on how God has blessed and challenged certain situations miraculously. Praised be His name.

The dedication of the church in Mitoc Prut had great impact on the lives of its village. The entire village was invited. The mayor had a speech and he was highly impressed by the service and the atmosphere of God’s presence really touched his heart. He apologized during his speech for having a negative perspective regarding the Pentecostal Christians because he was indoctrinated with atheism from the Communist party and never paid attention during the past twenty years of opportunity to have a relation with Christ. This was the day when the vice mayor committed his life to Jesus Christ. Other people were touched by the presence of God. We helped some people in poverty with money.


crossed the border from Radauti Prut that night and headed to the Republic of Moldova. After a few hours, we arrived in the village of Corjauti. We were invited by Pastor Vasile Antoci to preach in his church. This church is built on top of a mountain hill and can be seen from far away. It is like it is described in the book of Mica 4:1 – “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the LORD’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains, And shall be exalted above the hills; And peoples shall flow to it.” Mica 4:1 [NKJV]. This was a testimony of God’s power and grace, because the church used to be in the valley during the communist movement. We preached to this church and visited also the bible school and helped them with some money. On this trip, I met Vasile Asimonese, a very old friend who used to come to the states in 1993. He is currently a mayor in the village of Balasinesti.


next day, we ministered to the prison of Botosani to about 100 inmates and helped them with some goods. I was able to visit a friend who is an inmate in this prison, Tcaciuc Severin. We encouraged him to remain strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. Together with my father, I had a trip to the village in which I was born, Satu Mare. People were very happy to see him. My parents agreed to donate the house to the Blessed Hope Mission as an asset to be used towards the Glory of God in future ministries. We prayed that God will give us a purpose for it and bless others.


the sick in their homes and pray for their healing was another purpose in this trip. I remember one place where we held a prayer for healing for a woman that got married in September 2010 and now both her kidneys failed. We prayed for her restoration. A brother also had a vision and a word of knowledge regarding the project – the Lord showed him a miniature version of our project covered with plastic that I could barely see through. The Lord said to start by faith even though I do not see clearly because He will bring other people to this project and I will rejoice because of the completion and that I can see it. When the right word penetrates your heart at precisely the right time, something supernatural happens.


change more in a single moment than you changed in years. It’s like there is a special grace in your life and what you have been praying for and believing for – hits you all at once. This gave me another confirmation that the project is according to the will of God. And as soon as we arrived to the states, I sent the money for the steel material to be purchased. This was truly amazing and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you now even before I see this project. Since the very day we started this ministry, I have dreamed of being used by God to bring freedom and new life in Jesus to as many people as we can. We need help and faith to accomplish it and will also be able to help others. We continued praying that night in one church from 7 PM to about 1 AM and departed toward Ukraine afterward.


arrived in Ukraine in Kamenka village around 4 AM and rested a few hours. In our team were a few brothers that the Lord used them mightily with a prophetic ministry. Acsenti Dorel, Jonerciuc Anton, Mazareanu Danut and Moloceniuc Filon. We ministered to the church in Kamenka, Bahrenesti and Ijesti. The brothers from Ukraine are very friendly and open to the word of God. God worked mightily among them and the plans of the devil were revealed to the prophets of our team. We prayed that the work of the devil to be destroyed and people freely and happily serve the Lord. “Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.” Galatians 1:3-5 [NKJV]. Brother Pavel Sav and Emanuel Margelu crossed the Carpati Mountains and ministered to the church of Cluj, Zalau and Timisoara while we were in Ukraine. They were also able to minister to the prison in Timisoara. We met again in Germany where we boarded our flight to the states.